Happy Birthday Godzilla!

Godzilla is 50!
So happy Birthday you cheesy japaneese monster-icon
You big,rubbery reptilian city-hater.

Mona Lisa eyes and jalapeno breath and a far better actor than half the hack’s
out the today.

Can’t make the party,but thanks for the invite!

That means the big green guy and I are the same age! Well, my birthday isn’t until December actually.

What, no quotes from Blue Oyster Cult?

Dave Barry’s on it.

I think I’ve seen only two Godzilla movies, and one of them was the 1998 Matthew “Barely Better Than Brendan Fraser” Broderick version. Sad, huh?

Scribbles Godzilla in the birthday list

Oh wait a minute… he hates cities… hmm, conflict of interest here. :smiley:

Oh well. Scratches the lizard out of the list

For he’s a jolly Gojira,
For he’s a jolly Gojira,
For he’s a jolly Gojiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiira,
With breath that’ll make you fry!

I thought he LOVED cities, didn’t he? Wasn’t that the problem? That he kept eating them? Or is that the monster from the Chewits adverts?