Happy birthday, Haley!

Haley Joel Osment is 14 today.

When I started my birthday thread for David Patrick Kelly (which was lost during the Winter of our Missed Content), I was also attempting to sniff out anyone else who might admire him. I’m sure most people here know who Haley is, and I won’t ask who else likes him and who doesn’t. Just thought I’d post the photo for the benefit of anyone who ever said or thought “He won’t look so good once he hits puberty.”

Happy birthday, Haley. 14 can be a suck year, but it gets better. Please get all the way to 18 without screwing up. And if you wish to cultivate some facial hair along the way, I would not be opposed.

I wonder if there are any “Countdown until Haley’s legal” pages…

(one Google later)

Found one, that a) has the countdown wrong and b) “is a proud supporter of nambla.” Ugh.

Oh, Otto! That makes me cringe! But no one like that will get within a mile of him.

Enjoy your cake, everyone who was born today! Oops, I said ‘cake’. Currently in the Pit, that’s a fighting word. Enjoy your day, whatever you choose to do with it.

I was coming in this thread to protest, you are least 5 months early. My birthday isn’t until September. :wink: