Happy Birthday Mr. Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter turned 95 today, already the longest-lived person to have held that office.

Have yourself a handful of peanuts in his honor.

I know President Carter didn’t have the greatest reputation for being good at his job, but he’s always been my favorite human being out of your presidents. Hope he makes it to a hundred!

but I don’t really like peanuts. Sorry Jimmy!

I agree completely. Carter’s ability to effectively lead the nation through the difficulties that were created for him have been debated by far more motivated and wise people than I. He always struck me as an exceptionally …decent person though (IMHO). He wasn’t a politician and he didn’t play the game like one. He also didn’t have the charisma, the presence, to pull together the kind of support he needed. I might want have a beer with Bill Clinton but I wouldn’t trust him if he told me the sky was blue. To put it another way, suppose Carter and Clinton are both trying to sell a used car. Who ya gonna go to?

He was too far ahead of his time, and too decent for the job.

He can always say that he resolved the Iran hostage crisis without a shot being fired. God forbid we use diplomacy instead of force as an effective tool to accomplish important things.

It always irked me that Reagan took credit for the hostage release merely because the actual hostage exchange occurred on the day he assumed office on January 20, 1981. It was entirely Carter’s accomplishment.

Happy birthday, Mister President. I’m glad you’re still around to serve as an example of basic human decency. It’s been in short supply for awhile.

Dang, dude, that’s a mighty low bar to clear there.

Of course, if I wanted to sell a used car to my enemies…

You know, it occurs to me that the tremendous rise in people with peanut allergies seems to be marked by those born during or after the Reagan era.

Coincidence? Hmmmm …

Y’know, he’s still eligible to run again…

Jimmy Carter Concerned Desire For Fresh Faces In Democratic Party May Hurt His Chances In 2020

President Carter was a very bad president, but is a very, very good and decent person. I took the OP’s advice and had some peanuts and then took a sip of wine while wishing Mr. Carter health and happiness for his remaining time on earth, and a good death when that time ends. And I’ll probably light a candle for him when that time comes.

Carter received a cancer diagnosis in 2015; I’m pleasantly surprised to see he’s still around. He and his Carter Foundation have been a key player in the eradication of the guinea worm, a horrifying parasite that used to cause unbelievable misery in large swaths of Africa. 30 years ago there were several million cases per year; four years ago there were just 22 cases. Carter has said that he hopes the last guinea worm dies before he does. I hope he gets his wish.

He was just too decent a human being to be President - how sad a situation is that? I admire him greatly for his devotion to bettering the lives of others. The current White House occupant could learn a lot from his example, as could we all.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

I will wish him a happy birthday for reasons other than those already posted. He is certainly a very good ex-President and a fine American, and I wish him well.


Carter is the anti-Trump. Too good to be President, doing good for (Habitat For) Humanity, and an all around nice guy.

It’s nice to know sometimes the good don’t die young.

Carter was an excellent President. So that means certain folk went into propaganda overtime to besmirch him. Remember the “malaise” speech. He never used that word in it!

Think … about … that.

Even decades later people use as a label for his speech the slur term invented by his opponents. That tells you a lot about what has happened.

And that’s one of many, many examples.

He was highly regarded by people and governments overseas. Which of course just ticked off the anti-Carter a lot. Objectivity and lack of exposure to the propaganda is the explanation.

It should not surprise any well-informed person that his post-Presidency was excellent as well.

Fun fact: Carter was the last President to submit a balanced budget to Congress until Clinton. Hmm, both budget busting, spend away, Democrats, right? :rolleyes:

I am pleased to see you correctly title the former President as “Mr. Carter”, rather than the often-used but incorrect “President Carter”. Sometimes it seems like a losing battle, but glad to see you fighting it!
(Note that he could also correctly be called “Governor Carter” as he served in that office in the early 70s, and traditionally the “Governor” title stays with you.)

Hope you had a great birthday, Mr. Carter, as it was also my own birthday… as well as my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. A big day for us all.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread: he’s doing his damnedest to outlive the Guinea worm. And may he succeed.

He’s a good man.

I recommend a book written by a Secret Service agent of that era named Jerry Parr (now deceased). He was the agent who saved Reagan’s life.

He was on President Carter’s detail. Agents put their lives at risk to protect their client but Carter was no client. He was a friend. The kinship between the two was really uplifting to read and one passage that stood out summed up the humility and grace of Carter with and despite the difficulties and gloominess of his presidency.

This man’s determination is indomitable. Proud to say I voted for him.

I remember watching a documentary a few years ago about how he went about getting elected, from winning the nomination to actually winning the presidency.

IIRC, everyone was telling him he didn’t have a chance, he didn’t have much money, was unknown etc. I dunno if he was a terrible president or just unlucky, but you can’t say he wasn’t a good politician. He was a master politician, winning an election nobody thought he would using methods nobody thought would work and doing it right under everyone’s noses