Happy Birthday pluto

happy bday. anyone else got one coming up?

Happy Birthday Pluto!

Happy birthday to pluto.
May it be drenched with sun, not fog.
For the poster named
after Mickey Mouse’s dog.

Gawrsh! Thanks Y’all! It isn’t every day a guy turns 46!

Thanks for the painful reminder. How would you like to pour a little lemon juice in a paper cut for me?

Although you didn’t ask, I did get a nice present: Tickets to see Leo Kottke in Bellingham, October 7th – the day after the Seattle Dopefest, which is another nice present.

Happy Birthday, Pluto!

Thank you for sharing your dopefest birthday present with me, I am looking forward to meeting you, and everyone.

I’d sing you a birthday song, but after MysterEcks’ creative opus, I would be ashamed of my poor efforts. Besides, anyone with tickets to see Leo Kottke should be careful to keep their ears healthy.

I pulled out my tapes, and was chagrined to realize that I got the name of my favorite Kottke song WRONG in the other thread! It is “Pamela Brown,” not Marilyn Brown. Who is Marilyn Brown? Sheesh.

So, have a wonderful day, and best wishes for many, many more!~


Happy Birthday, Pluto, hope you had a great one, and hey!! At forty six, you’re still just gettin’ a handle on things, wait till you REALLY grow up!! :wink:

Happy Birthday Pluto. (How old,if I may be so bold?)

Oops right there in front of me.
Well 46 is not exactly a paper cut. Have a good day.