Happy Birthday, Senator Obama!

I just made a donation of $25.47 in honor of Barack’s 47th birthday–it ain’t much, but unemployment checks don’t allow for much discretionary spending! :smiley:

How 'bout the rest of you, care to join me in a little celebration?

Go 'Bama!!

flings confetti

Thanks for the reminder. I just donated $47. :cool:

It’s my birthday too, but I’m an Obama supporter, so… :slight_smile:

Ho ho ho, Merry Obamasmas!

Has anybody delivered the frankincense and myrrh yet? I’m guessing gold is out of the question in today’s economy. :smiley:

Well, happy birthday to you too, Liberal!

Yay for you, BlackKnight!

pppbllthhh!!! @ Marley! :stuck_out_tongue:

So do we sacrifice virgins or bulls in his honour? I’m so confused. scratches head

Duh, you sacrifice the virgins TO the bulls, sheesh, get with the program, hoser! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ewww, that could get messy!

Dang… I’m barely two weeks and two days older than potentially the next POTUS. I don’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified… ( And, Way to make me look the underachiever, B-man, thanx a heap :wink: )