Happy Birthday SwampBear!!!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday - TO YOU!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Swampy!

I know I’ve been gone a while. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I was just thinking about you guys and decided to check out MPSIMS, and lo and behold! It just happens to be Swampbear’s birthday! (and Kyla, Bear_Nenno and EJs Girl) Happy Birthday to all.

Swampy, I passed through Albany on my way to the beach last week and waved.

(I had to re-up my subscription to be able to post!)

Wow, we have a lot of birthdays on July 29th!

Happy birthday everybody!!

Happy Birthday to everybody!

Happy Birthday wishes to everyone whose birthday it is.

Happy UnBirthday wishes to everyone else.

Now where’s the cake?


  1. swampy, are you and Bear_Nenno really twins? It wouldn’t surprise me that the same genes produced a couple of bears, but I can’t help but feel that I’m being whooshed.

  2. susan: I resent you for sending me unbirthday wishes

  3. Happy Birthday, everyone!

Happy Day Day to you all! :slight_smile:

Happy, happy birthday wishes to all of our birthday dopers!

Happy Birthday Swampy, Bear-Nenno, and kyla .

Enjoy your day and may each day following be better than the last.


Happy happy birthday
From all of us to you
We wish it was our birthday
so we could party too!

To all the Birthday Bears and their “sibs”, from the DogHouse! Big Kissy Faces from CurrentDog to the Birthday People.

Happy Birthday everybody! Hope you all have a good one.

donkey I am exactly 25 years older than Nenno. It was a big todo for both of us last year because he turned 25 and I turned 50, so I was exactly twice his age. Thus, he is my younger twin brother. Ayesha, EJs Girl, and Kyla are my younger triplet sisters. Together we are the StraightDope July 29 Quintuplets. In Doperville the year you were born matters less than the day when we’re finding our siblings with the same birthday.

twickster and I, while not twins, call ourselves that because we share the exact same birthday, 12/31/54. I love having a birthday on that day, there’s always a party somewhere.

I call myself daddy’s little tax deduction. (12/31/1973)


Aah. Ok, then, since I can’t figure out how to tell when others’ birthdays are, mine’s on Nov 22. I expect you all to remember.

wishing you all a good day, a good year and a good life. :slight_smile:

Yep, the joke in my family is that dad was encouraging my mother to hurry up and have me before midnight, so I could be that deduction for 1954. I just squeeked in, being born at 10:16 PM.

Happy B-day one and all! In honor of your special day, I took the afternoon off. Because I care!


Hope you all have wunnerful celebrations!

Making you my baby sister: 6:10 AM.

Happy Birthday Swampy, Kyla, Bear_Nenno, Ayesha and EJs Girl!

This is the third time I’ve wished you a Happy Birthday today Swampy, but don’t think that that makes you 53, you can’t catch up to me that easily.