Happy Birthday SwampBear!!!

Wow thanks for remembering me guys.

And thanks for admitting to being older than I am Swampy, it’s 47 for me today.

Happy Happy to all the rest of the 29 crew !

Hey, I do remember all my birthday sisters and brothers. At least the five of us I know about. I hope everybody’s birthday was a good one. Judging from this supersized hangover I have mine was a blast. :smiley:

Wow, I’m late!

Happy birthday, SwampBear and everyone else!

Say, Swampy… If you liked that salmon when you came out, I think salmon season is coming up fairly soon. I’m going to try to catch me one.

Are ya gonna catch it with your bare hands like bears do? Wouldn’t that be fun? :smiley: Thanks for the bday wishes Johnny L.A.

I don’t know how to fish. (Actually, I use to fish when I was a kid, but never in the ocean.) I don’t know the first thing about catching salmon. I FOAF is a Salish indian who made a documentary about how the natives fish. The doc. showed him making a fishing spear. That looked fun! Really, I’m looking forward to 16 August, when dungeness crab season opens in this part of Marine Area 7.