Happy birthday to swampbear, Ayesha, and Kyla! :)


Approximate Phonetic Chinese Version of “Happy Birthday”: (thanks, Nathan!)

“Guung juuk nay fook sow yuen teen tsai, hing hong nay sun sun fie lok. Leen leen doe yao gum yut, suuy doe yao gum jzew, guung hay nay! Guung hay nay!!!”

Approximate English Translation of Above:

“Congrats on this good day of fortune, where we can all gather together. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Every year, this wondrous day arrives; Always, this wondrous time comes. Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Okay, I’m back on “birthday patrol,” as someone (TheLoadedDog?) calls it. Sorry to those of you I may have missed over the last few days, but them’s the breaks. :slight_smile:

swampbear, I must say that your posts make good reading. Seeing your name on the boards puts a smile on my face, and I like your style. :slight_smile: Here’s hoping that you have many more good birthdays to come. Sorry, I can’t supply any big, hairy men for you, but maybe you’ll find some. ;)Psst… what happened to that “board stalker” deal back in April? You know, where you were going to be my board stalker or something? Just curious…

Ayesha, I don’t know you very well, but I certainly hope you feel better realy soon. Tell LIONsob I said to take extra gentle care of you, okay? :slight_smile: Make sure you do everything you can to feel like your old self again! We want to see you better again shortly.

Kyla, I don’t know you much at all, but I know you still post on the boards from time to time, and I hope you see this. People are still thinking of you over here, even someone who doesn’t know you. Okay, that sounded just a little creepy… oops. I mean no harm, really! :slight_smile:

To all of you: I wish you only the happiest of birthdays, and may your wishes come true this year. (love, romance, adventure, happiness, etc.) May you have time to celebrate with family, friends, and various loved ones. Hope you all do something really special! Take care of yourselves (this especially means you, Ayesha :D), and I hope you all have fun! :slight_smile:


I know both Ayesha and Kyla, and two finner ladies are not to be found. The warm reguards are justly deserved. :smiley:


I am pretty sure that Kyla does not have fins, having attended several Dopefests with her. But I could be wrong.

I gave a passing thought to sending wishes to swampbear, but since he thinks it’s funny to constantly dwell on our age difference, I’m just going to snub him, as he deserves - the whippersnapper!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, in honor of Ayesha and Kyla: <tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>

Aw, what the heck: <tossing swampbear with wild and reckless abandon>


Since I seem to have a standing invite to come down to swampbear’s place for okra and beers on the porch, I guess I know him well enough to wish him a happy birthday.

So happy birthday, swampy! :smiley:

As for Ayesha and Kyla, I only know you guys from the boards but you are both wonderful people and I wish you many happy returns of the day.


AWWWWWWWWWWW…:o thanks y’all! Ya know, this is the first message board I’ve been on that it really means something to be wished happy birthday.

Flamsterette_X big ol smooooooooches for doing this! And the stalker thing…well…the best stalkers are the subtle ones…ya never even know they’re at it. :eek:

FairyChatMom I sure am glad I got my hair buzzed Saturday. Makes gettin’ all the confetti out easier. Right now we are the same age, but in 5 months and 24 days FCM will again be 6 months and 6 days **OLDER ** than me again. :stuck_out_tongue: (Actually FairyChatMom sent me an email birthday, which I have saved, cause it made me feel so special!)

ZAP! ya got that right. Standing invitation for okra and beer anytime!

Ayesha and Kyla:

<ahem> clearing throat <ahem>


Woohoo! Thanks swampy! One of these days I fully intend to take you up on that offer. I’ll bring you some Yuengling Lager (aka Vitamin Y) and we’ll have us a good 'ol time.

[sub]but could you sing a little quieter? The dawg is under the bed now and not even the promise of a T-bone would draw him out.** :smiley:

hmmmmmm…ya know that could be the reason there’s a herd of moose in my back yard. They just showed up right after I sang “Happy Birthday” to Ayesha and Kyla.

Wonder if they (Ayesha and Kyla, not the moose, the moose probably wouldn’t care anyway, know that we share a birthday with Peter Jennings, Elizabeth Dole, Marilyn Quayle (sheesh!), Benito Mussolini and Rasputin.

swampy, thanks a lot. Seriously. Now, should I be afraid because you’re doing the stalking thing ever so subtly? I mean, I don’t want you to suddenly show up in a thread where I least expect it! :eek:


No, I do not have fins.

Thank you for the happy birthday. My only question is, how on earth did you even know it was my birthday?

Flamsterette_X whenever you’re on the SDMB, do you notice the faint smell of rabbit stew? :smiley:

Thank you kindly Flamsterette_X and everyone else.
Sorry my sweets but I just don’t have the strength to answer each one personally.

This Birthday is my 44th and I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I am a mature, experianced woman. ::Bats eyelashes, sticks out chest, twirls tassles::

I am doing as well as anyone could do with what has been happening the last few weeks, and I am a very lucky woman. My husband has been doing the job of several people taking care of me, and he hasn’t been grossed out once. He’s a keeper for sure !

OK enough mush, where are all the nekked mens ?
Pssst, Kyla I am afraid I might have spilt the beans

Kyla, this is the year, we must see some baseball.

Happy Birthday, Kyla, swampbear, & Ayesha!!
Hope you had a great day. May y’all have many more wonderful years.


Hey Aye! Happy Birthday! And as much to you, as well, Kyla!

And we can’t leave swampy out, can we? Same to you, pal!

Arrrgghh!! I had a nice reply typed up and posted (or so I thought) a few hours ago, and it didn’t go through! Oh well. Here is my second attempt at it. Maybe it will go thtough now.

It might have been the July birthdays thread, or the Teeming Millions’ birthday pages, or the birthday page on Fathom. Then again, it could very well have been Ayesha, as she said. :smiley:

Hmm. Now that you mention it, swampy, I think I do notice the ever-so-faint whiff of some sort of stew. I have no idea if it’s rabbit stew or something else, having never had any rabbit stew. (though I did come oh-so-close to having venison last year at around this time) Could be my neighbors’ curry stew with lamb in it, for all I know.

That’s all right, Ayesha… you just rest up and gather your strength and energy. Tell your husband you (and we) appreciate the extra-super job he’s doing to take care of all your needs. (support through the tough times is always good, isn’t it?)


Er… of course, I meant “through” in my last post above.

[sub]Yes, Exgineer, this is yet another in the long string of “correction posts” I have to my name. Sorry. Just reaching out to people, as you do. :)[/sub]


Happy Birthday, the three of you! I brought along some big, burly sweaty men in kilts for Swampbear. Ayesha, some energy for you, so’s you can answer individual posts. (Don’t worry, I just stole it from Flam). For Kyla I’ve brought a calendar so she’s not so surprised when birthdays come up.

What? No beer and cookies? :smiley: Thanks Shibb and btw, I did have a big, burly, sweaty man for my birthday. He didn’t wear a kilt tho’. <sigh> Can’t have it all I guess.

You stole energy from me, Shibb? No wonder I’ve been feeling sick lately! :stuck_out_tongue: