Happy Birthday to all the December babies!

I give you my best birthday wishes, wrapped in proper birthday wrapping paper, accompanied by an actual birthday card. :smiley:

Many thanks. At least mine is at the start of the month. I’ve learned that one of mu co-workers has one actually on Dec. 25. Poor guy.
Of course, I am the firstborn son of parents named Joseph and Mary, born in December. Although I haven’t let it go to my head. Much.

“Those of us with birthdays around Christmastime know what the Three Wise Men said to Jesus: ‘Now, this is both for your birthday and Christmas.’” - Bob Smith

Happy Birthday, and my sympathies too. I have a cousin who was born on Christmas Day, and I’m sure she must have lost out presentwise while growing up. At least in her dotage she’ll be able to think they’ve declared her birthday a holiday. (My own parents timed it pretty well. My birthday is almost exactly six months away from Christmas.)

I’ve actually always loved having my birthday a week before Christmas because it is so festive. This year, though, I am annoyed. I was hoping to have a party for my 40th birthday next week, but time and money are getting swallowed by the holidays. At least I will take my nearest and dearest out to see The Hobbit.

Thanks in advance! My twin Baker and I will be celebrating on the 31st.

Fortunately I have always loved Christmas, so it’s kind of nice having a birthday right around Christmas. A lot of people do forget about my bday because they’re so focused on the holidays, but the people closest to me (originally my parents and now my significant other) have always been good about celebrating it. :slight_smile:

Another Xmas B-day here. It sucks.

My oldest boy has a birthday on Dec. 20th. I brought him home from the hospital on Christmas Eve, and we took turns passing him around on Christmas Day, while I had PPD crying jags (even when opening gifts!)

I do try and make sure that there’s some separation between birthday and Christmas (schedule hisparty for the weekend BEFORE, if possible, make sure he actually gets his quota of gifts and cake and crap compared to what the other kids are likely to get. Add to this that his birthday occasionally ALSO falls on Hanukkah, which we celebrate also.

He basically gets showered in gifts and parties for the month of December. :slight_smile:

I hate having a birthday so close to Christmas. The only person who consistently made sure my birthday was separate and special has been my dad. His birthday is in mid-June, and sadly, I’ve been guilty of giving him the combo birthday/Father’s Day gift.

And now the name makes sense. :slight_smile:
My sister is a Christmas baby. But we were raised Jewish, and are now both atheist. So not a big deal to us.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Mine is the 12th and my little girl’s is the 26th. She’s quite a bit more excited about it than I am.

How are you not excited to have a 12/12/12 birthday?!

Can we remember the early January birthdays too? Mine’s the 2nd, which round here always means the first day back at work, no one posts a card as the day before is a bank holiday and who remembers to send a card on NYE?, everyone’s broke, everyone’s miserable, on a detox, doesn’t want to go out, heck even I don’t want to go out… :-/

Mine’s the 29th.

I’ve grown to love it! Right between two major holidays.

And this year as I turn 52 I’m having a party completely unconnected to my birthday, ha!

I’ll have to find something special to do at exactly12:12. Ooh it even comes around twice! :smiley:

You could do 12 dozen somethings at 12:12am and 12:12pm on 12/12/12 to celebrate!

My birthday is the 27th, so when I was a kid I got LOTS of this:

Aw, thanks! It’s sweet of you to say that! :smiley:

I’m December 14th. I often wonder if I’d appreciate December any differently if it wasn’t my birthday month and Christmas. Like, what’s it like to not have pretty decorations everywhere around your birthday time? I wonder if the people who usually buy me gifts for Christmas and my birthday would feel better about their wallets too…

Also: I’ve always wondered how my family decided what to give for Christmas and what to give for my birthday…

And yes, I think early January birthdays should count too, SanVito :slight_smile:

My birthday is December 9th, and my brother and father both were born on December 5th. We got rather used to small birthdays…

My wife’s birthday is December 5; I always make sure I have separate gifts for the two occasions and had a special birthday.

My birthday and our anniversary are less than a week apart, and she does the same for me.