Having your birthday on December 25th means...

you get wished “Merry Christmas…and oh, yeah, Happy Birthday”

when you tell people your birth date, they say “On Christmas?” I use to say “You know, nobody every pointed that out to me” but it got old.

people avoid you on your birthday so they can regift you the stuff they got and didn’ want.

you have to buy presents for people to open on your birthday

your birthday presents come wrapped in green-and-red paper.

It means it is 2 days after mine. And yes a lot of that shit happens to me also.

My ex-wife had a birthday that wasn’t even on Christmas, preceding it by a full two weeks, and she still got a raw deal on gifts. Everyone in her family just combined the two days, giving her a single present meant to cover both, which meant that she got half the stuff per year as her friends/cousins/etc. while growing up. No birthday parties, either, as the family was going to get together later. No birthday cake, but a plate of cookies with one stating “Happy Late Birthday/Christmas!” in icing.

(On the opposite end was my uncle, who has a July 4th birthday. Presents AND fireworks, a guaranteed day off of work.)

One guy I work with has a son born on Christmas. He said in order to not get shafted on gifts, etc, he allows his son to pick any day of the year to celebrate his birthday.

On the other hand, I was born on July 4th, so I get fireworks and a picnic every year!

Twenty Fifth of December.
You mean that you REALLY are the son of God?

By the way I’m going to be good all year and I want Jennifer Anniston as my present next Xmas

Mine’s on the 19th instead of the 25th, so I got cheated out of telling people that I’m the reincarnation of Jesus. :frowning:

Just chiming in to say…


Happy Birthday!
Several people in my family were born around Christmas, so I know exactly what you mean. :slight_smile:
I think all of us with Christmas-time birthdays should start celebrating our half-birthday in June instead!

Well then, Happy Birthday. And oh yeah, Merry Christmas.

So then if Christmas is so irksome, what’s the deal with the username?!

(Actually I did the exact same thing. By sheer coincidence, my birthday falls on Terrifel Day.)

“Those of us with birthdays around Christmastime know what the Three Wise Men said to Jesus: ‘Now, this is both for your birthday and Christmas.’” - Bob Smith

The boy I like has his birthday on December 30, so I sent him a separate birthday gift… then the silly pants went and opened them both at the same time. What’s the point of that!

Happy Birthday Annie, and Merry Christmas too!

Mine is the 20th, and yep–lots of years of one-

My first granddaughter’s birthday is Christmas Eve.
We have always celebrated her birthday a couple
weeks early, just so she could have her birthday
as a separate event.

My birthday is the 23rd too. I’ve had the following conversation so many fucking times that I hear it in my sleep.

Them: When is your birthday?
Me: December 23rd.
Them: Oh. A Christmas baby!
Me: Yeah.
Them: Did you always get those combined birthday/Christmas presents?
Me: No. I’m Jewish.
Them: Then you’re a Hannukkah baby. Does it suck to have your birthday on Hannukkah?
Me: It doesn’t really matter actually.
Them: Well my friend’s cousin is a Christmas baby and…


Mine is the 20th too. I get a lot of “Birthmas” gifts. My dad always makes sure to get me separate gifts, but I don’t return the favor. His birthday is around Father’s Day and I often get him a combo gift.

Happy Birthday, Christmas kids!

Happy birthday to the “Christmas babies”!

My dad’s birthday is January 2nd. That has got to be the easiest day of the year to forget. Everyone’s got holiday fatigue and just doesn’t want to think about one more important day. His own mother forgot one year. Poor guy.

My sister’s birthday is today. My mom was great in that she always made sure to have a pink birthday cake (no red and green) and birthday gifts in the middle of the day.

I’ll call her right now.

Happy Birthday Annie X. (imagine that this is a balloon… and a cake)

my birthday is New years eve…come join the party.

My husband’s is the 28th. He says he never got to have birthday parties because all of his friends were doing family events. Sometimes it works in his favor because he gets something extra awesome as a combo gift (for example, his grandparents bought him a car for his 16th birthday/Christmas. Also, I once surprised him with a Playstation 2 Combo Gift.) But if you lack rich relatives I’m guessing this would really suck.


One of my coworkers not only got stuck with a December 25th birthday, Mom managed it twice, so he had to share it with his older sister.

And she named him Noel. :smack:

Actually, I’ll say mine is worse. Jan 23.


Well, when I was a kid, I remember stores were an absolute wasteland then. Many stores shut down for inventory after they had their after Christmas sales. Even stores that were open were pretty barren. I got a few more Christmas presents and my parents would usually pick up some extra things during the Christmas shopping time to save for my b-day.

As I got older, I had exams on my birthday ever single year in high school.

In college, we’d all get back to school. Once people bought books and paid tuition…they’d all be broke at the end of January.

Even now as an adult, my birthday pops up right when people are paying their Christmas bills. One year, I ended up paying most of the bill for my birthday lunch.

Mine too. I’ll be 29…for the 6th time