Happy Birthday to Me. What Did I get? My Period.

Blah! Stupid period. Stupid tampons (Which I went out an bought instead of a birthday present because I couldn’t find the sewing basket I wanted).

Stupid blood. Stupid cramps!

Now I am going to go drink a rum and coke whilst I run some water in the sink to soak my pants. Stupid pants.

Oh dear.

When the rum kicks in, commence to having a much better birthday, OK?

I suggest White Russians for a self-birthday present.

Be grateful. Do you realize HOW MUCH TIME I spent trying to wrap that damn thing? :mad:

Thank god for the pill! It means I can skip my period on special occasions.

Happy birthday! Hope it gets better.

I got myself a new car for your birthday. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!

Iceland_Blue, I have to admit that I laughed at your post. I made a bad face at velveeta’s, though! :wink:

I’m not on the pill, since my system is all out of whack. I spent a week in the hospital in October due to some infections resulting from the scar tissue surrounding my tubal ligation. Since then my period has been erratic, yet possessed of a uncanny knack of showing up when least wanted. It managed to hit Thanksgiving, the x-mas/new year’s week, and now my birthday. I think it’s out to get me.

Since you’re all out of it, you need to give yourself a Birthday gift of Whack. :wink:


That sucks cold wet blood-soaked orangutang scrotal sacks. Hope you feel better soon.

And happy birthday!

[serious question]Why can’t you just take the pill all the time and always skip your periods? [/serious question]

I got to submit to a urinalysis for my birthday. And if you didn’t know, the military does monitored piss-testing. Still, I didn’t have to wash my pants afterwards.

:smack: Of course, outside of the pants! No wonder I flunked.
But seriously, FB, Happy Birthday and be glad we’re not stuck in the kind of society that would force you to take your ‘medicine’ (bleeding w/o dying) outside of the camp to protect the shaman from your powers. Although I bet a week off from Mr. Know It All Shaman was a blessing for those women!!

Approximate Phonetic Chinese Version of “Happy Birthday”: (thanks, Nathan!)

“Guung juuk nay fook sow yuen teen tsai, hing hong nay sun sun fie lok. Leen leen doe yao gum yut, suuy doe yao gum jzew, guung hay nay! Guung hay nay!!!”
Approximate English Translation of Above:

“Congrats on this good day of fortune, where we can all gather together. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Every year, this wondrous day arrives; Always, this wondrous time comes. Congratulations! Congratulations!”
Hope you have a good birthday, and a great year to come! :slight_smile:

Sorry it sucked. :frowning:

If I skip it more then once, my body doesn’t like it. It tends to go a little crazy and I end up having a really long period even though I shouldn’t be having one at all. When I first started on the pill my period last a month. According to my doctor, I may have an immature uterus. For some reason this amuses me. I guess that makes me, erm… immature. :slight_smile: