Happy birthday to me

I’m spending my birthday working on a paper. I’m putting off all birthday celebration until after it’s been turned in to the professor, so this thread is about the extent of my b-day activities.

My mom and grandmother both called yesterday to tell me happy birthday, both of them being under the impression that yesterday was the sixth. I’ll probably get my brother’s card in the mail and I’ll probably get another call from my folks.

I’ll have to find a cupcake later, stick a candle in it, and hum “Happy Birthday” to myself.

Happy Birthday Fionn, You may have a piece of my Birthday cake from yesterday. Strawberry cake with homemade whipped strawberry frosting!


I’m glad to see you’re going to celebrate even a little bit. When the big one comes, let me know, until then, good luck with the paper, and have a great day.

Happy B’day, Fionn!

Indeed, Fionn, lass- 'ave a 'appy birthday!

I hope it’s a better day once you don’t have that paper of Damocles hanging over your head.

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIONN!!! :slight_smile:

Hope that you have a bit more celebration in the days to come, once you finish that paper!

I’d sing the Chinese version of “Happy Birthday” that my friends sing, but I don’t know it well enough!

[sub]I swear, I need to get a phonetic translation of it from my friends one of these days…[/sub]

Happy Birthday!

And don’t feel too bad. I spent my birthday at a new job reading Standard Operating Procedures (instruction manuals, basically) for 8 freaking hours!!. But at least I got paid. My SO’s b-day is Wednesday, so we’re going to kind of celebrate together then and this weekend…

:smiley: It’s my birthday too. I hear ya, I’m over here pulling off an ultra fun History essay! Though your workload is probably 10 times what I have, I thought I’d try and relate. Kind of sad nobody really remembered it was my “special day”, besides my parents.

Happy birthday :wally