Happy birthday to Olentzero, my favorite Commie Bastard

May balalaikas play for you, may babushkas feed you warm black bread, may the vodka flow, may your devotion to the ideals of Lenin keep you out of the gulag!


Much buffalo grass-infused vodka for you, milochka.

I swear, with the number of times I been called “My Favorite Commie Bastard” I feel like I should be in a B/W sitcom with Bill Bixby and a coupla fur hats.

Thanks, magdalene! :smiley:

This is the most cunning way I have seen for someone to have a 762nd post party… :slight_smile:

Happy birthday you Commie Bastard and Magdalene… I just had to pick on you a little more. (Just wait until 800).

Where’s the kegs and the lawnchairs?

Commies like beer don’t they?

Pozdravlayem Z Dnyem Rozdyenya, tovaritch!

Or, in case you’re a maoist, Sheng ri k’uai lo.

Keep up the good fight! The US of A needs more political diversity.

'Course we like beer! Here, try some of this porter from St. Petersburg. Yummy!

A spasibo bol’shoe, Arnold. Vot sidi, vedi sebia kak doma.

Happy birthday, hon!!! Hope you have a great day. :slight_smile:

-from someone who just reached the quarter century mark today…

Olentzero, I’d watch that sitcom.


Anyway, happy 1k Olen. I hope you and Mrs. Tzero celebrate like a couple of good, honest, hardworking proles.

I must be fucking high. Ok, seriously, ignore that last post. I’m losing my mind and it’s not even friday.
I’ve been reading this board so much lately that I think a birthday party is a post party. Christ, someone please shoot me.
OK, let’s try this again:

Birthday party, Demo - not post. Happy day, Olent and Falcon.

Falcon - did you hear the one about your team as an election bellwether? Since 1940, supposedly if the Skins won their last home game before the election, the incumbents won, if the lost, the challengers won…

Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FALC!!! too…

:wally = me

Happy Birthday, Olentzero. I consider you the “Commie I’d most like to drink beer and shoot pool with.”

Happy belated birthday to you, Falcon! Going to go rent a car now?

Happy birthday, Olentzero; hope you have a RED letter day!

And you too, Falcon! Happy b-day!

Demo, shouldn’t the fact that I started the thread been a clue? :eek: :smiley: I won’t shoot you if you don’t shoot me - you did a good job of explaining the phenomenon yesterday, and I’m gonna try to be more fun from now on.

And, since this is all about Olentzero…

Olentzero, let’s go to Kyiv sometime. You can point out the achievements of socialism, I’ll point out the horrors, and you can freak people out with your funky Lenin getup. It will be a laff-riot. And, if I haven’t asked you this before, where does your username come from?

Ett stort Grattis på födelsedagen.
Hoppas att du har en bra dag.:slight_smile:

Här sjunger jag lite för dej.

Ja, må han, leva, Ja, må han, leva,
Ja, må han, leva uti hundrade år.
Ja, må han, leva, Ja, han, leva,
Ja, må han, leva uti hundrade år.

“Ett fyraldigt leve… leve han. HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH.”

*Originally posted by lurkernomore *

My co-worker (and comrade!) mentioned this yesterday… apparently these sportswriters looked at the Skins’ performance over the last 15 presidential elections (i.e. from 1940 onwards) and this thing has apparently held true. I’m trying to locate an online sports almanac to see if I can’t find the scores for these years.

Happy Birthday Olentzero. Have a swinging good time.

Ok sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Happy birthday, may it be one of your last under the oppressive weight of Capitalism.

lurkernomore’s bellwether rings true. Herewith, a table of the Redskins’ last home game before a presidential Election Day, and the results of the election following:

03 Nov 1940 vs PGH: W (Roosevelt - inc)
05 Nov 1944 vs CLE: W (Roosevelt - inc)
31 Oct 1948 vs BOS: W (Truman - inc)
02 Nov 1952 vs PGH: L (Eisenhower - chl)
21 Oct 1956 vs CLE: W (Eisenhower - inc)
30 Oct 1960 vs CLE: L (Kennedy - chl)
25 Oct 1964 vs CHI: W (Johnson - inc)
27 Oct 1968 vs NYG: L (Nixon - chl)
22 Oct 1972 vs DAL: W (Nixon - inc)
31 Oct 1976 vs DAL: L (Carter - chl)
02 Nov 1980 vs MIN: L (Reagan - chl)
05 Nov 1984 vs ATL: W (Reagan - inc)
06 Nov 1988 vs NO : W (Bush - inc)
01 Nov 1992 vs NYG: L (Clinton - chl)
27 Oct 1996 vs IND: W (Clinton - inc)

Game results and dates thanks to this site

So there you have it. Of course, they said all presidents since 1840 elected in a year ending in 0 would die in office, but Reagan broke that chain. So there’s no telling about this year either.

Don’t blame me anyway, I’m voting for Nader.

*Originally posted by magdalene *

If there had been socialism in Kyiv to achieve anything I’d be glad to point it out. But that’s neither here nor there. And now that I’m old I’m too fat to fit into my Lenin suit :frowning:

Olentzero comes from the Basque, and he is their Santa Claus-type figure. He’s either a coal miner or a shepherd who lives in the mountains and comes down at Christmastime to bring gifts, drink lots of wine, and eat smelts.

mmmmmmmmm smelts.