Happy Birthday to spooje

Not my natal birthday, but my NA birthday.

16 years ago today, I stayed clean for the 1st time since I was 10 years old (I was 22 at the time). And I haven’t been loaded since. And I’ve had a life since then. Which I really didn’t think was gonna happen.

Thank you, NA.

To the private post: :cool:

Congrats, spooje!

Good for you.

Very impressive! Congrats on cleaning up and staying clean!

<tossing confetti with wild and reckless abandon>

Congrats and keep up the good work!

Good job, Sir spooje. My hat be off to ye.

spoojebaby, you rock the world!

Congratulations and big skanky love. Gazelle

All right, I’ll confess my ignorance. NA?

From context, I’d say you’ve been either drug-free or drink-free for 16 years. Both of which are great, and I do congratulate you. I just want to know what for. :slight_smile:

Narcotics Anonymous.

Nice one spooje!

D’oh! Thanks, Frannie.

And way to go, spooje! :slight_smile:

Ooooohh! Big, skanky love!!!


Congratulations, spooje! It is so wonderful you were able to recognize the problem and take care of it at a young age, so you could go on to a wonderful life! Happy birthday!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, spooje! Keep up the good work ODAT!