Happy Earth Day! Post your favorite Vacation sites and scenic areas!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I always love this day because my school goes all out for this particular holiday. Being the active outdoorsy person I am, I truly appreciate this great planet we all live on. My wife and I are voracious hikers and outdoors people. We love to take trips to places like Sedona Arizona (incidentally, I got engaged at the top of that mesa in the linked pic), Zion National Park , and of course our last years favorite Glacier National Park .

So let’s have it folks…where are your favorite vacation spots…get-a-ways, meditation places, spiritual places, or simply fun places to hang out? Pics would be great…

Come on all you SDMB tree-huggers! let’s honor the place we live!

And a very happy Earth day to you, Phlosphr.
My husband and I have always been the outdoorsy types too and, when we lived in the 'burbs, we used to spend at least one day every weekend hiking or swimming-barring extreme weather conditions, of course.
Then we moved to the country and I get to spend a large portion of almost every day muddling around outside right here at home.
So I guess my favorite spot now is where I live.
What I find so cool is how well Nature works with just a little nudging from us.
We raise pastured chickens in movable pens to help sublimate our income.
Before we started the chicken thing, we had to pay a company to come in and spray fertilizer and herbicide on our pasture.
Now the chickens eat the weeds, poop mightily and then aerate the soil.
You can see where we’ve had the pens because the grass is much more lush.
Same thing with the garden.
We started out with sand 3 feet deep but after pouring compost and horse poop on it for 4 years, we’ve got rich loam.
Ain’t it grand?

I always found this location to be quite scenic.


Crater Lake

Most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

I would post some of the awesome pictures from my trip but I don’t have a website or anything, sorry. :frowning:

All of the Pacific Coast Highway area is fantastic, my favorite part of the world so far. One spot I always make a special effort to visit is Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay Oregon, a sentimental favorite. A well-off ship’s captain loved to bring back exotic plants and established quite a garden, so that’s great. There’s also the neatest cutting/test garden for roses all the way in back-- so it’s heaven to smell and see. Then, if you wander around kinda to the right back side you can take a short hike down to a nice little inlet or bay or whatever and play in the tide pools. I like to just sit in the sun and watch the ocean waves crash against the far cliffs, like you see in movies but not always in person.

All of this is in the section of the park nearest to where the house used to be. There’s about 600 more acres in the park that just get more and more beautiful with every step.

Mother Earth, she knows how to feed the soul.

Heh - this thread inspired me! I created a page of pics of my favortie spot in the world, just so I could post a reply.

Tank Hill, San Francisco