Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish all “my kids” a happy Easter weekend, and if y’all are Spring-Breakin’, please for Og’s sake, be safe. I cannot spare ANY of you to the Grim Reaper!:cool:

Me? I can hide my own easter eggs, now, right? :slight_smile:

I’ll be here at the “Hell-Hole” playin WoW!:smiley:



For those celebrating a holiday this weekend - a wish of a safe and happy one.


Maybe you oughta make an egg map. You don’t want to be finding them weeks later, by smell! :smiley:

Happy Easter to you, too. Wishing you lots of black jelly beans, or marshmallow Peeps, or malted milk robin eggs, or whatever it is that floats your Easter basket!

What would float my “Easter Boat” is to have all of you here with me this weekend.

Bring guitars, tambourines, Auto-Harps, Saxophones…

I’ll supply the beer.

Hey freck?

All my neighbors are elderly (some much older than me!). They cannot hear me play “Smoke On The Water” at 3 am, so I doubt they’d be able to smell the eggs!




I’m looking forward to Easter.

  1. Watch Star Trek
  2. Eat peanuts
  3. Listen to Genesis

LOL, I gave up three favorite things for Lent this year. One more day!

I would love to see you in your Easter Trekkie/legume/rock stupor. :smiley:

I love my kiddos, and don’t know what I would do without this place to come to.

Somebody please tell Oakie to come back?

I’m not real accomplished at thinking these days.

I think his website is kangaroo something, but I cannot even drive my car anyomore, Kids.

I’m worn out.

Wish I just could go to sleep and wake up in the Elysian Fields.

Love y’all.