Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Thank you, Dad for being relatively cold
Thank you, Dad for all but disapearing after splitting up with mom(weekly visits for an hour don’t cut it)
Thank you, Dad for always being so negative
Thank you Dad for sacrificing most of your young life to support your family
Thank you, Dad for always trying to make some kind of effort to be supportive, even though it didn’t always pan out
Thank you, Dad for letting my brother and myself back into your life
Thank you, Dad for letting us reach out to you and feel loved
Thank you for being there in a pinch when we needed shelter

But most of all…

Thank you for everything Dad…we miss you so very much.



I’m sorry. Here I am bitching like a little prom queen.

Shit, That really puts me in perspective.
I’m sorry buddy…

I definitely echo John’s feelings Slythe. I just got caught up in my own feelings for a few minutes, I totally apologize.


S’alright, really. How many people get to totally reinvent themselves at age 22? Got to pick my own morals and beliefs myself, without parental influence. Still, missing out on school dances, sports, movies and dating really sucks.

Enough of that crap.!:slight_smile: Except for the occasional bouts of self-pity, I’m doin’ fine.

I apologize for nothing. My biological father disappeared. I have no memory of the man whatsoever. I, with the help of my Mom, taught myself about sex, about sports, even how to shave (that was a painful learning experience). The SOB then went on to have a marriage and two girls and thus a family. Did he ever look for me ? Nope.
Wanna know something weird ? I turned out OK. I do not torture small animals. I am not gay (not to say gay is bad or wrong). I do not wish to shoot up post offices. I am simply me. I owe everything to my mother.
I do know one thing, I will never be an absent dad like the one I had. I will be a great dad.
So Happy Father’s Day. To myself.

When I originally read the subject line of this thread, I’d had high hopes of reading other people’s praise of their fathers.

The fact that others have had it so tough sometimes escapes me. I had such a good childhood and good homelife. And rarely saw any misfortune in the lives of my peers.

To all of you that had it so rough, I’m sorry. I sympathize with you as best that I can.