Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Thanks for only taking an interest in me if it made you look good.

Thanks for Not taking an interest in anything I liked.

Thanks for criticizing any decision I ever made.

Thanks for giving me F*** all support

Thanks for everything.

as you may havwe guessed, I’m not looking forward to sunday.

He missed out on knowing you, John. I’m sorry. You have a tough weekend ahead of you. ::hug::

I’m with you…
My dad decided when divorcing my mom, that he was going to divorce me also. He didn’t, however, divorce my younger brother. So, years later he and my bro are close as can be and he barely acknowledges my existance. My opinion… his loss… he is missing out on me and my daughter. Fathers Day means basically squat to me since I have never felt as if I have had a father.
It’s sorta sad too… cuz one day he is going to die. When he does it’s going to be interesting to see how my brother and I deal with it quite differently. He will be mourning, missing… loving. I will be sitting there fuming because of what COULD have been had he not been such an uncaring asshole simply because I was born female.

This makes me really sad for those who are not close to their dad.

I was blessed with wonderful parents! I will always be daddy’s little girl no matter how old I am.

My dad is the most hilarious person I know. Unfortunately, I have not been able to experience his humor in person for almost 2 years because he is living in Germany. Fortunately, he makes me computerized videos that he e-mails to me weekly.

If anyone is interested in seeing some of his homemade jobbers (trust me, they are good), and cross your hearts and hope to die swear that you will not pass them on (he would kill me if they started making the e-mail rounds) e-mail me and I may send you a couple.

I miss him badly and love him dearly!

I grew up in a very loving home with both of my parents. They are still together to this day, 33 years later. I also have 2 daughters who are lucky if their paternal gene-donor remembers their birthdays or Christmas. It hurts me every time he misses a holiday with them, because * they’re* the ones who get crushed by his stupidity!

I remember the first time my dad ever said he was proud of me… It was the day that I graduated from high school, and we were taking pictures out in the yard. He had a death-grip on my hand, and said the words so quietly I thought I’d mistaken his words for a minute. But I always knew my dad loved me, he was always there, whether he had the answers or not.

Happy Father’s Day, dad.

I miss you.

John, Green Eyes and Brea, I am so sorry that you have only sad memories to hold about your dads. I am one of the lucky ones, having had a wonderful dad who loved me till the day he died and I still believe he is watching me and guiding me along. Had he been here now, I would have shared him with you as he was a man with an unending heart.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

Sorry to hear that John . :frowning:

I won’t see my Dad this wkend as he’s in Spain on holiday . But I will be thinking of him as he is the coolest person I know . I don’t just love him as my father but as a individual aswell.

This is a timely and true thread. So . . .

Thanks “Dad” for getting my Mom preggo when she was 16.

Thanks “Dad” for diappearing when I was three and never showing interest in me again.

But most of all -

Thanks “Dad” for showing me everything a father should not be.

Truthfully, that feels good. :smiley:

I won’t get to see Dad this weekend either. But I will call him, wish him a Happy, and catch up a bit.

The guy really is one of the best. It’s a shame that my two sibs are such assholes.

The “memories of dad” thread made me cry.

This is the fifth Father’s Day since my dad died. Other holidays aren’t quite as hard anymore, but this is one that doesn’t seem to get any easier. He was the smartest, funniest, most well-liked person I’ve ever known. I miss him every day.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

I am truly sorry for those of you who have posted who didn’t know your fathers and whose fathers did not take an interest in you.

My favorite memories of my childhood all involve my father; going to baseball games, playing catch, building models together, etc.

Thank you for starting this thread and reminding me how very lucky I am to have had such loving parents growing up. Thank you for reminding me never to take my parents for granted. Thank you for reminding me everything they’ve done for me during the course of my life. I’m sorry not everyone could experience that.

My dad died last year. He loved me and wa sproud of me and never let me think for one minute that being a girl meant I couldn’t do anything I wanted. He loved to take me to his construction sites and walk me around them. He’d stay up all night to make that emergency school project I forgot to tell him about. (Dad, I need a working catapult for school tomorrow. Dad, I need a pyramid tomorrow. Dad, I need a duck nesting box tomorrow.) But he never cut me any slack because I was a girl (Chris, I need you to help me install this toilet. Chris, you grab that end of the refrigerator and help me pull it out.)

I miss him terribly.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I still love you.


My Dad never walked out. In fact, he’s still at home.
He provided for us and worked hard, for which Im grateful,
He is a good man, he just stinked at being any kind of father.

ah, well, such is life.

Thank you Dad, for giving up on me because you thought I would just turn out like my sisters so what was the use.

Thank you Dad, for beating up on me because you were mad at Mom.

Thank you Dad, for refusing to get the plumbing fixed for a year and a half, so I had to go to middle school looking like a Third World orphan.

Thank you Dad, for threatening to have me committed if I didn’t stop displaying the classic symptoms of an abused child.

Thank you Dad, for occasionally throwing a cheap present at me and then calling me spoiled because I didn’t appreciate a gift with no love behind it.

I’d better stop now.

Gee “Dad”, thanks to you I have two beautiful daughters and two grandsons who love me completely and would die for me, as I would them. Never does a phone call or visit end without kisses and “I love you” all round.

Why thank you? Because every step of the way, when a parenting problem arose, I ask myself “what would he do?”…and then did the opposite.

Thanks for nothing!

What are you talking about? Father’s Day isn’t until September!

Johnny, me boy-o, if it’s a dad you’re needing I’ll be there for you.

Now, go clean up your room. Don’t give me that look. What did you say? Okay, you’re grounded now, buster.

Well, we had a lovely Father’s Day picnic today. All my sisters were there, one brother came in from out of town (other one couldn’t make it), we played football and badminton, barbecued hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Of course, my father decided this morning that he wasn’t going to join us. Typical. Why anyone was surprised I have no idea.

And this was it, my last attempt to have any semblance of a father-daughter relationship with him.

So, in the vein of JohnLarrigan and Rilchiam:

Thank you, Dad, for the belt and the yardstick.

Thank you for letting me know that nothing I did was ever good enough.

Thanks for making condescending remarks almost every time I see you.

And thanks for not even caring enough to spend one single afternoon with your family.

Thank you father, for confining your perversions to me so that my brothers and sisters wouldn’t suffer.
Thank you father, for the great excuse I had for not participating in gym class. Hard to run with bruises up and down the body.
Thank you father, for turning me into a complete zombie by the time I entered the Air Force. They had no trouble at all breaking down my ego.
Thank you father, for convincing me that running away was a bad decision. Yes, I do believe that you, and your best buddy the Chief of Police, would have made sure my body was never found. Putting the barrel of the 30.06 in my mouth was a great topper for that conversation.

And, thank you father, for having the good grace to drop dead of a massive coronary a week after my mother left you.
FYI, NOBODY came to the funeral.