Happy Fourth of July - from a foreigner.

Happy Independence Day !!!

Have a great day, you all. :cool:

Thanks! I celebrated early since, in the [del]Great American Tradition[/del] American Corporate Tradition, my husband will be working swing shift tomorrow. There has already been steak and beer and fireworks! Woohoo! Hope everyone has a good one tomorrow though. :slight_smile:

Hear Hear!

The day is alnmost over in this part of the world, but I spent it drinking. I mean um… drinking IN YOUR HONOUR! Um… yes. :smiley:

Happy birthday America. You’re not such a bad bunch of arseholes, when it’s all said and done. Enjoy yourselves. Go and buy some aspirin if you’re out. Do that now. :smiley:

Cheers 'merkins (and Canucks for yesterday. I missed you guys)…

Happy Fourth of July from Way The Heck Up North!

The American community here in Greater Oslo had its celebration yesterday, the Sunday before the Fourth, as always. You wouldn’t expect it, but it may be the largest US Independence Day celebration outside of North America. (The other likely candidate, perhaps also unexpectedly, takes place in Denmark.) The event is a major fundraiser for several of the American expat organizations and an opportunity for all of them to be seen and possibly recruit new members. I worked at the American Women’s Club’s cookie booth, selling homemade chocolate chip cookies, Rice Krispie treats, funnel cakes, brownies, fudge, peanut brittle (that doesn’t sell too well, in July…), and, uh, whatever other goodies people brought, plus donuts that were generously donated by a local bakery, lemonade, and cans of A&W Root Beer. We do this every year to raise money for a scholarship for a Norwegian citizen who wants to further her or his education in the US in a field related to medicine or the care of handicapped children. How many groups do you know that raise money for a scholarship one cookie at a time? :smiley:

The weather was perfect, sunny and warm so people were out in force, but not so hot that they weren’t hungry for sweets. We hold the event in Oslo’s largest public park, so our market includes both people who came specifically for the celebration (usually after reading about it in the local papers) and people who come to the park for other reasons and then discover us there. The place was jumpin’. I haven’t heard yet how much money we raised, but when I left we were well on track for the best year in quite some time.

I needed a shower when I got home, though. Stay where funnel cakes are being made for too long and your hair starts to smell like a fry vat :stuck_out_tongue:

I ditto the Happy Birthday America shouts…and a special Happy 4th of July to Spatial Rift 47 for all the special reasons :slight_smile:


229 years and still rockin!


I’m an American, but after 15 years in Japan, I’ll join in the foreign crowd. I’ll go out with some Americans for beer tonight, but I’ll stick to Sapporo beer.

Have a good one all!

Hope all you Americans are celebrating in style.

Thanks, everybody!!! We Americans love to celebrate the 4th with a bang! I want to go out and get some firecrackers, but they’re illegal - too dangerous - hafta buy guns instead.

Going out to Brooklyn to watch the Macy’s fireworks, after taking my Mom to see the hospital where she was born in Carroll Gardens! Should be fun! Crowded, but fun!

<running off to find flag lapel pins>

We’re going to have the traditional giant barbecue, and then blow up the traditional (illegal) fireworks tonight :smiley:

Thanks, all! It’s nice to know we haven’t so thouroughly pissed off everyone in the world that you won’t say “Happy Birthday”.

As one sweet little old Norwegian lady said to me at the Independence Day shindig last year: “Heavens, no! Your president is an idiot. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you.” :wink:

Happy birthday, America!

Happy Merkin Day! waves a little flag from up north