How is American Independence Day celebrated in other countries, and by who?

(This thread was inspired by another thread that mentioned cookies and hula dancers in Norway.)

So…tourists, natives, ex-pats, multi-culti slummers or all four?

I’ve heard they shoot off fireworks in Tijuana.

I didn’t know other countries celebrate the American holiday… like, does the USA celebrate Canada Day? I doubt it! :slight_smile:

How much excuse do you think they need to shoot off fireworks in Tijuana? My guess is they do it whenever there’s a “d” in the day.

I hear in Britain they celebrate it, but they call it “Those Goddamned Americans We Hate Them We Hate Them We Hate Them!” day. They spend the whole time getting drunk and forgetting that they lost back in the 1700s.

Of course, the next day they celebrate “Bwaha, We Got Our Bloody Revenge, We Did!” day, celebrating that they managed to invade and sack Washington, D.C., during the war of 1812. And they get just as drunk as they do on the previous day.

Serious posts, please.

I didn’t ask if other countries, as entities, celebrate July 4th; I asked how people IN those countries do. Undoubtedly this occurs, whether they live there or they’re just visiting from here.

Britons don’t celebrate it. I’m sure US ex-pats and tourists do, but the US Embassy website for London is understandably focused more on international events than holidays.

Usually, we don’t celebrate it at all (why should we?). This does, of course, not exclude Americans living here (or Germans who are absolutely fond of the US) might give private Independence Day parties at home; but public events don’t take place.
There is, however, usually some bit of TV coverage of the celebrations in America; but there’s similar coverage of the July 14 celebrations in France, and the Queen’s birthday parade in June is broadcast live every year. So I’d say July 4 is a completely ordinary working day here.

Since I was the one who brought it up…

The Fourth of July celebration in Oslo is a highly unofficial event, set up in Frogner Park (that’s the one with all the nekkid statues) by the American Coordinating Council, an umbrella organization for about twenty US expat organizations. Several organizations use it as a fund-raiser, for instance the American Women’s Club with their famous cookie booth. The ambassador gets dragged out to make a speech, the Amcar club drags out all their restored 1950s and '60s land yachts, there are some entertainment acts ranging from the slightly tacky (the hula dancers) to the downright painful (a Norwegian Elvis impersonator, need I say more?), and a good time is had by all.

But if you didn’t know about it, and didn’t happen to wander into the park that day, you’d miss it completely.

I’d say if they were going to celebrate anything rather then the Declaration of Indepence they’d make note of the US Constitution.

I think you’ll find this link very interesting.

If anybody can find info about this years events, post em.

I imagine many US embassies do things for the day. Have a little party and invite maybe a local politician. I see the US Embassy in Hungary has some pics of a party and it looks fairly well attended.

What is this? The British don’t celebrate the 4th of July?

That’s it! I am calling off my Guy Falkes day celebrations!

I mean it!

(Besides, all my friends but one had no idea what the hell I was doing anyway.)

Particlewill, in North Dakota.
((I misspelled Falkes, didn’t I?))


There’s a Fourth of July ball here in Perth, Western Australia. It’s a reasonably well-publicised society event (think photos and a few paragraphs in the social pages of the paper). IIRC, it’s organised by the US consultate, along with a notable charity.

What about socially? We don’t celebrate Canada Day down here, but thanks to the miracle of marketing (mostly by Corona), many bars and Mexican Restraurants have a Cinco de Mayo event (which event doubtless trivializes the actual occurance, as things introduced by marketing often do).

It seems like the “Bob’s Texan Burger Joint” in Berlin (or whatever) might have a similar thing for the 4th? No?

Reminds me of the old joke, “Do they have the fourth of July in England? No? You mean the calendar goes July 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th…?”

If there are any 4th of July celebrations here in Dublin, I haven’t noticed them.

Not that I probably would, though.

And next week is Cinco de Mayo! Whoo Hoo Party !

I’m sure they celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July in the Phillippines, too. And why not? It’s their Independence Day.

There’s an annual ceremony in Denmark at Rebild National Park in honor of the Danes who emigrated to America.

Cinco de Mayo is actually not really a big deal in Mexico, it is primarily a Chicano holiday.

In my home town, 25 miles from the Canadian border on a major interstate, we celebrated Canada Day (Dominion Day at the time) faithfully, by major sales at all retail outlets for example. :wink: