Happy Friday 13th!

This year will have the maximum number of Friday 13ths: today, April, and July.

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What’s the deal with “Friday the 13th” (not the movie)

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Any fascinating or chilling personal stories involving Friday 13?

I just wanna brag that I remembered the name for the fear of 13, triscadecaphobia, this morning and impressed a lot of very unimportant people.*
*Mainly my cat.

It’s 1:15pm now and so far I’ve have a Vorhees-free day.

Outstanding! I noticed just now that Yahoo!'s “Trending Now” had an entry for Paraskevidekatriaphobia which might be fun for some to follow.

I’ll bet that somewhere there’s a 12 step program to deal with it.

Hey, don’t be dissing Friday the 13th. I was born on Friday the 13th.

If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any.

You told us the months, but what days do they fall on?

Do what?

I live on the 13th floor of my building.

I had a job interview on K St NW and 13th Street this afternoon.

I left the house at 1300 (1 PM) in order to make it on time.

After, I stopped by a chinese food place and picked up some take out. It cost $6.70 (6+7=13).

Let’s hope the 13’s don’t prevent me from getting hired!

I’m just waiting for the idiots on my Facebook feed to post some “OMG there are 3 Friday the 13ths this year, this only happens once in 7500 years, pass it on!!” statuses.

Yes. Those things demonstrate the gullibility of the general public.

Hmm, I’ve heard it as triskaidekafriggaphobia, in honor of Frigga, wife of Norse king of the gods Odin and namesake of Friday. Frigga originally determined to become a goddess so she could pursue fiery vengeance on all her smartass classmates who called her “Friggin’” Frigga and then squealed with laughter at their own cleverness.

The only thing bad that happened to me today (yesterday! by now) was that while grocery shopping I somehow nicked my index finger. (Left, for all you OCDs.) Didn’t even know I’d done it.
While cruising down the aisles I noticed a cool sensation that didn’t fit in. Looked down. Dark red blood was welling up from my finger, stringing across my hand, smearing the bar of the cart. WTF?
“Go to the bathroom and get me some toilet paper,” I told my husband. Why didn’t I just go to the little girl’s room and get it myself? Because I’ve had a stroke yada yada half blind yada yada and if I’m following a path that’s a GOOD thing and don’t stop me.
He did. I wropped it, thickly. (He must have brought back half a roll.) And by the time we checked out I was wearing bracelets of uncertainy (attemped suicide?) around my wrists.
I take a blood thinner. The teeny tiny gouge is no bigger than a pin prick. It happened around 3pm Central Time. It’s now 1am the next day. Several ice cubes and band-aids later…yep, still seeping. I’ve got an alien in my finger trying to get out.

OTOH A friend had a birthday today. I wished him a Merry and cant’ wait for his next poem.

(Changed into old clothes IN CASE OF overnight smearage.)

Are you all right?

And what are bracelets of uncertainty?

Thanks for asking Theophane. When I woke up this morning it’d finally stopped bleeding. The huge gash that caused all the blood is barely the size of a comma. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve been taking a blood thinner for a long time and can usually get a cut under control fairly soon. This one, tho, had a mind of its own and just wasn’t ready to be shut down.

“Bracelets of uncertainty…” My phrase for what happens after someone unsuccessfully cuts their wrists. First come the ribbons of blood that encircle your hand. Later, the scars become a permanent reminder of the lack of conviction.

BTW I used the word “wropped” on purpose. I’m working on a piece about my grandfather’s razor strop and realized we used to use that kind of pronunciation for just about everything. (You didn’t stub your toe—you stobbed it.)
Anyway, it’s not about anything cruel. It’s funny.