Happy G. Gordon Liddy Day, Everybody!

LINK :wally

Let’s celebrate!

Head shots & black bag jobs for everybody! :smiley:

Let’s have a cake! With candles! And stick our hands in the flames! YYYAAAAAYYY!
Post your tributes to this treacherous hack, burglar, ruthless political fixer, and media fuckup here!

Can I toast Hamilton Fish, Jr.?

I want some LSD on my steering wheel.

And then, as an extra treat, I want to kill John Dean with a pencil.

Ann Coulter will be by soon with a rousing tribute, I’m sure. :wink:

I’ll just be over here peeing on the floor of George McGovern’s campaign headquarters.

I dunno. How hot’s the fire? Can you flip him over, to brown on both sides?

Opps! Forgot! No brown people in Richard Nixon’s Ammurica! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to get too serious, in this of all Forums, the disturbing thing is that Mr. Liddy’s mindset seems to have permeated the agencies of the federal government that deal with public safety and national security.

Other wise how do you explain stuff like the legal, green card carrying Pakistani immigrant from up-state New York who was picked up for taking a landscape photo of a reservoir. When it was found out that he had guaranteed a lease and a car purchase for a couple of Pakistanis who had over stayed their visas he was listed for deportation and has been jailed for 18 months awaiting the big bird to Jakarta. Sorry no link. I suppose any Doper from Buffalo knows about this and might be able to link to it.

This level of hysteria and disregard for common sense is a direct link to a White House that thought having a goofy, menacing, lose cannon like Liddy on staff was a good idea. Lieutenant colonel North was his direct descendant. It the old idea that the means is justified by the objective that seems to have become the government’s policy. Apparently we can do any thing, no matter how abhorrent and irrational, if it can be claimed, no matter how tenuously, to serve to protect the public safety.

Anyone who would deport a Pakistani to Jakarta is clearly insane.

So’s anyone who would deport a Canadian to India or Syria, but look how far it got them.

Type what you want about the man. I know one thing for sure, I for one wouldn’t dare call him a putz to his face - he’d tear my larynx from my throat with his bare hands before I could get the “tz” out.

I dunno about that. I read his book, and I call bullshit on his terrifying Martial Arts techniques.

I could take Liddy. The problem is, I’d have to kill him, because the sneaky little bugger would probably shoot me in the back some night.

Rat on a stick! Get yer hot rat on a stick here!

truly, though a man with balls.
At least i can respect him for that.
And for having met Abbie Hoffman.

Only man on the face of the earth who could actually bring down Timothy Leary. G. Gord could bum out a dump truck.

Yeah, G. Gordon can really harsh your mellow.

I thought that you would praise Hamilton, seeing as, if it weren’t for him, G. Gordon Liddy probably would have become Congressman Liddy in 1968.

SO, it’s er Nixon’s fault ? I’m seeing more clearly now. Thank you.


This has been the best G. Gordon Liddy Day ever!

What I need to know is whether there will a Liddy in a jar to help out president RoboNixon in the year 3000. :stuck_out_tongue: