Happy Halloween (scary short)

He Dies At The End
An award-winning short that is a wonderful blend of creepy, unpredictability, and a touch of humor thrown in.
It’s fairly great in the way it slowly builds suspense and keeps you interested/engaged in the tale.
After you’ve watched it:

[spoiler]How high did you jump?

Myself, about two feet.[/spoiler]

I didn’t jump. It was a great build-up but I didn’t think much of the finish.

I gotta agree.

Scary in a funny way, but a film that will only work once, whereas genuinely scary movies stay scary over and over.

But thanks to the OP for sharing. :slight_smile:

Just a very slight startle. It went on too long to scare me.

I liked it.

I didn’t jump but I did almost fall out of my seat.

Okay, I may have yelped "Oh holy SHIT!, but I wasn’t, y’know, scared or anything…

I expected the ending. I just didn’t know when whatever it would be would suddenly appear. A bit of heightening anxiety as the ending approached, but I’ve seen something similar before so…