Happy Jewish New Year !!!

It must be the Jewish New Year.

How else could I be watching the Tournament of Charoses Parade?


Thank you, thank you so very much. You’ve very kind. We’ll be here all week.


As someone who is 1/4 Jewish, I must say that I am 25% amused.

As someone who is 100% Jewish, I have to say I don’t get it. :confused:

Must be a Jewish-American thing…

Tournament of Roses Parade is a New Year’s Day tradition, before the Rose bowl game.


Charoset (think Passover).

Oy! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s worse than I thought – it’s both an Israeli-American and a Hebrew-Yiddish divide…


And the payoff is so baaaadddd!

Heeeeeee !

This is the worst joke of 2013.

And it will continue to be.

Oh I can but only hope so !!!


I’m watching Broadway: The Jewish Legacy on public teevee, so this kind of is a Jewish New Year.

Had you worn a yarmulke you would have been transformed like Madonna, but without having to show up in a synagogue or kidnap an African child.

Think you blew your big chance.