Happy JS Bach's Birthday!

The big 333rd today! :cool:

He’s pretty much The Man. Happy birthday Johann!

Huzzah! I love Bach, but as I recall, we don’t know his actual birthdate for sure, only the date of his baptism, right?

The St Matthew passion, St John Passion, and Mass in B Minor are some of the finest works ever composed.

A quick search reveals he was evidently born 21 March 1685 on the Julian calendar, 31 March 1685 on the Gregorian. Today is still being marked as his birthday, however. WNED Buffalo, NY, is celebrating it by playing at least one of his works every hour.

Place of birth: Eisenach, Thuringia (Germany).

I was building a cathedral in his name to celebrate but the Babylonians beat me to it so I built the Sistine Chapel instead.

I think he’s earned a rest:


I listened to about 7 hours of Bach today. One of those was the CD “Jazz Sebastien Bach” by the Swingle Singers, which I hadn’t listened to for a number of years according to my iTunes library.