Happy, Merry MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 38 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 62 and N.O.S. for the day. I shall, because I’m nice dammit, take OYKW’s vehicle in for service this mornin’ as soon as the place opens up. He does not do early mornin’ well, so I told him I’d deal. I don’t mind waitin’ around. The place even has a fairly nice area to wait, plus I have my phone to entertain me. We have also decided to swipe the General’s sup.

OK, I posted a topic. It is Hanukkah, Advent, for some the Christmas season, and maybe other holiday type stuff that escapes my memory at the moment. So here it is. Celebrate or ignore any or all of it. More importantly, hijack away!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, bother of all bothers, I suppose I must needs purtify and don somewhat appropriate bein’ amongst the public attire. Oh woe of woes!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

And a Jolly HoHoHo to you, too!! One of my sisters is a militant “It’s Merry Christmas!!!” type. Personally, I can think of more important things to get upset about. She ignores the news in general and politics in particular, but apparently this seasonal greeting is her cause. Yeah, whatever… Bah, Humbug back at her! :stuck_out_tongue:

And Bah, humbug today anyway. Idiot Taz woke me shortly after 2, jumping up on the bedroom door trying to get in. Apparently, I’d had enough sleep by that time, because attempts to return to peaceful slumber eluded me. I gave up around 6.

Today’s main plan is a run to the convenience center. We have 3 full bags of recycling, and I can probably finish filling the second garbage can when I gather all the household refuse. The center doesn’t open till 9:30 - I hope to get there shortly thereafter.

My only other task is babysitting while Daughter and SIL go to their HOA meeting. I’m pretty sure it’ll take longer to drive there and back than the meeting will last, but we shall see. Here’s hoping it doesn’t run too late - I dislike driving at night.

As for the rest of the day, I’ll figger it out as I go along!

Happy Moanday!!

Good morning everyone.

Ah, Monday, a wonderful day that will be filled with union mediation for something entirely stupid, but whatever. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been awake since 2:30, lucky me. Finally gave up sleeping around 3:30 and came down for some coffee and to give Polar his meds.

It’s a freakishly warm 51 degrees with an expected high of 57. Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday will continue to see temps near the mid-fifties. Starting Thursday temps drop down to the forties and thirties which is how it should be.

I’ve got my second cup of coffee and I’ll probably start cleaning the kitchen around 5:00 am or so and head up to my work computer around 6:00 to catch up on email before I have to deal with the union stuff.

Morning all. Slept about 8 hours so feeling somewhat more lively. Need to do the Moanday shop-n-sammich routine but outside of that nothing much is on the agenda. Weather is not helping get in the holiday mood, high will be 52F today but by the end of the week it’ll be hitting 70F during the day.

Need to do my Xmas shopping (I can wait until late as all of mine is gift cards) either this week or next, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel cards for all, and probably should do a little more housework, but we’ll see.

I always respond with whatever the person calls it, but don’t really take a side on the 'Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays" debate; it’s not the season for argument, IMHO.

OK, need to caffeinate and get about the day. All y’all take care.

Morning all! I’m kinda jealous of you folks with weather in the 50s. Tis 30 right now, headed for 35, low in the mid 20s tonight, with more snow.

Now time to slurp down my smoothie and hie my butt to the shop. I made an Etsy sale and must make the darn thing.

Stay safe, all.

Back to school this morning after a week off. Now it’s a sprint to the finish line of the semester. 2 more weeks, a week of finals and done for Economics. Next semester I teach American Government.

Got boosted Saturday along with my first Shingrex dose. Bad idea to do both on the same day. All day yesterday both arms felt like raw meat, along with the general body ache. But it has all gone away this morning! Worth it, but the shingles shot hurt!

New week, new month a’comin’ and a Merry and a Happy to almost All (you know who you are.)

I have to go to irk for { checks schedule } four hours. FOUR FUCKING HOURS middle of the day.

This is why I can’t get another supplemental job, and also, can’t pay my bills with this job.

Sorry for the tone. Just crabby, I guess.

Silver lining: holiday shopping for Secret Santa will get accomplished today, I suppose.

Happy Moonday!

It was a cold 32 degrees at the park this morning, but no barky, so no drama.
Some new dogs came in and Echo started to get pissy with one of them, but we got her under control.
She is learning. She doesn’t like being corrected, but too bad. Better than getting hurt in a fight.
I knew it was going to happen. Today is the day that everybody forgot to bring water. Usually everybody brings some, and I often leave my jugs behind for others to use because we have more than enough. Not today, and all the bowls there were bone dry. I forgot to take a couple of treats too to entice Echo into the cage.

I really need to start Christmas shopping. I’m usually done by Thanksgiving. My heart isn’t in it this year. All the kids are growing up and not as much fun to shop for. Teenagers seem to prefer cash or gift cards, which is… If I give you a gift card and you give me a gift card, we could have both not done anything and it would be the same outcome. To me cash and gift cards are not gifts, they are just an exchange of money. Teens being teens though, I was one once and know I preferred money to gifts.
I’m sending all gifts straight to my mother’s house. One of my friends told me it was rude to do that, but it’s a lot easier to send them there than it is to pack them up and take them with us.

Chocolate mint Twinkies just sounds so wrong. Then again, I don’t like mint. But even chocolate Twinkies sounds wrong. If I want chocolate, I want ooey gooey rich chocolate. I doubt a Twinkie could achieve that. I once picked up banana flavored Twinkies by mistake. They were horrible.

I need more sleep. I irked late because there were clients waiting in line when I was due to get off. Then my son called at 430 to come get him. He had a rough night at irk. He got hit in the head with some totes, and a jagged piece of metal tore his shirt. If he hadn’t had two shirts on, he might have been cut.

Shit ton of stuff to do today.
I need to get busy.

Yeah, I coulda told you that. :wink: But I understand it’s better than the alternative.

Rude? Pfffft - I don’t think so, unless your mother specifically asks you not to. Some people have odd definitions of rude.

Trash and recycling are gone. Now I’m free till babysitting time. Ah, retirement…

It’s bright and cold and I managed to waddle this morning. Dad is being evaluated for hospice this week. It’s bad, though it seems to be going in these dips and peaks - one day he’s pretty with it, the next he can hardly walk or speak. I don’t think he’s at the point where hospice is necessary but it won’t be long, so I’m hoping to visit in the next two weeks. Mom has an infection of some sort in her throat (hopefully) that looks like fungus out of a horror movie. I never in a million years imagined myself cheering for fungus, but fungus is way easier to treat. Anyway, all I can do is wait and try not to throw up from the stress.

On the bright side, Thanksgiving was delicious and far, far better than last year. Christmas looks to be hopefully better than last. Mom is super excited to be decorating things and took off with all my ornaments last night. Fine, they used to be hers (she gave them to me since she didn’t have room after she moved), and I’ll probably get some decent leftovers, but still…

Off to work and pretend like things aren’t topsy turvy. I hope you all had a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving or just a fantastic weekend if you don’t celebrate.

Good morning, everyone! We just got back Saturday from my Brother-in-Law’s house in Michigan, beating the snowstorm by two hours. I had a pleasant time up there. My BIL’s wife overruled our Mother-in-Law and allowed me in the kitchen. I still don’t get it. After twenty years, she has come to accept that (in my kitchen, at least) I know what I’m doing. If I step foot in another kitchen, I’m an incompetent boob. At least I got to make the green bean casserole (Step 1 - fry up a half a pound of bacon. Do not drain.).

The drive up was mostly uneventful, but long. We left on Tuesday and had to stop in Knoxville to pick up Fang, making a nine hour drive into a fourteen hour drive. Traffic wasn’t too bad, except in Cincinnati, where there was an hour delay for an accident. If we hadn’t have stopped for gas, and pushed on to Costco on the north side of town, we would have missed it.

Fang’s friend offered to drive him back to school on Sunday, so our drive home on Saturday was much shorter, and more pleasant. We did pull into the Costco Liquor Store in Kentucky, now we have more Kirkland branded Crown, Beefeaters, and Johnny Black than you can shake a stick at.

Fang faced the hard reality that he is not going to be sitting on his butt for two months during his winter break, and was looking for jobs. We decided seasonal work at the UPS distribution center would be up his alley. It has good pay, decent hours, and will give him exercise, so when he goes back to PT in February, he shouldn’t be falling out. (I worked on a loading dock at Glaxo thirty years ago, and I was probably in the best shape in my life.) He was filling out the applications on-line, when the site started asking for SSN, address, birthdate, and banking information. Mrs Magill’s and my alarm bells started going off like gangbusters. Thank you @dogbutler for verifying that the websites were, in fact, legit.

I hope everyone has a good week.

Roger that! The case I had last year was a fairly mild one, and that was agony for a couple of months. I’ll put up with a painful shot and sore arm for a few days to avoid ever having another outbreak.

Out of 168 seniors, only 3 have an irredeemable “F” this semester. For as feral as they are, this is a bloody miracle!

:notes:It’s world of (manic)laughter
It’s a world of tears
I just wanna finish this shift
And chug 20 beers
The supervisors swear
And pull out their hair
It’s a Smalls World after all!
So they were using Doors 57-4 today, and theose pickers had control of our belt. Which ment things took 70% longer than they should have. And it was just Monday, we haven’t been hit with the Black Friday or Cyber Monday waves yet.

Welcome Blueberry Fang! : Evil Laughter :

Yes it is! :wink:

My wife likes to celebrate most all holidays, so last night’s dinner was latkes with sour cream and applesauce, with jelly donuts for desert. She even lights the menorah. Her DNA test came back showing a .02% chance of Jewish ancestry, so I think she also takes that to heart. It could even be possible, since she is of Polish ancestry on both sides of her family. I had a .02% chance of Native American ancestry, but I’m not moving into a tepee just yet.

We put up the front porch Christmas lights on Saturday, and bought our annual wreath. I’m holding off on getting a tree until mid-month, as a large dead shrubbery in the living room isn’t a good idea.

Gotta get some turkey soup made today to use up the leftovers, and I think I’ll try making some cranberry sauce muffins, since it seems like we have several gallons of the stuff.

Well, it’ll be tough work, but it’s not cleaning the boiler and vents at a chicken by-products plant. My mother would make me change clothes and wash in the utility sink in the garage before I was allowed in.

{ shakes stick }

That’s so 20th Century. You need to open a casino.

Happy Moanday!

It’s 77F here and I brought in more tomatoes. I was planning on using our new IP to make tomato sauce today, but my framer called and my Twinkle needle work is finished. That means we need to go to Verde to pick it up and will be forced to walk next door to our favorite Mexican place for a late lunch. Woe is us!

Hubs had a few things he wanted to do, so he took my Secret Santa package to the post office and brought home a tracking number for me to obsessively check and recheck as it gets closer and closer to Christmas. I know the post office lady said it would only be three days, but she lied to me about it last year and I don’t trust her anymore.

Today I am finishing up the candlewicking on my house I’m going to have about 18 inches of one thread left when I’m done. I was stressing about that because it’s a 30 year old kit and Sunset used to manufacture many of their own threads.

I also got all four corners right and I’m going to have a margarita to celebrate being able to count past ten 4 times in a row.

Buy yourself some flowers and put them somewhere where you can see them. You are special and deserve a little color in these gray times.

Spent several hours in da jungle. I have a very full cart that needs to be whittled down to a more reasonable size.
Not even December 1 yet and I got two Christmas cards in the mail today. One from my very organized cousin, and one from her very organized daughter.
I still haven’t selected my new health plan, which needs to be done by tomorrow.
I am so not ready for all of this.
Shit, have a bill that needs to be paid today.
Damn this stuff gets on my nerves.