Happy National Thai Elephant Day, March 13!

It’s the 14th here now, but it was brought to my attention last night that March 13 of every year is National Thai Elephant Day. Believe it or not, this was news to me! So you can tell how big a deal they make it.

However, in honor of National Thai Elephant Day, the Bangkok government will make yet another attempt to get the elephants off the mean streets of Bangkok. Story here. I see they’re dusting off that old microchip-under-the-skin proposal.

This story claims 200 elephants roaming the streets. As I’ve done before, I urge anyone coming to Bangkok NOT to support bringing them into this hellish urban environment by buying food from the mahouts (elephant handlers) to feed the beasts with. Save it for upcountry.

A follow-up to what is happening with those 200 elephants is here.

Excerpt: “Some elephants with entertainment skills will be sent to shows at zoos or venues outside or on the outskirts of Bangkok, including Safari World in north Bangkok, Suan Sam Phran in Nakhon Pathom, and Suan Nongnuch in Chon Buri.”

I now have an image in my mind of elephants as jugglers and stand-up comedians.