Happy New Bitchfest!

It’s the new year somewhere, so let it rip.

Standing behind someone at the movie ticket window yesterday. The guy asked for a ticket to (mumblemumble) and the woman says “That’s normally $9, but it’s a special film, so that’s $1.50 extra.” The guy asks what’s so special about it and she says “Well, it’s a new movie.” Really? You fuckers already charge an outrageous amount to see a movie and now you’re charging extra fees because “it’s a new movie”? What’s next, charging extra because I want to wear my coat into the theater?

Now that you mention it… Yes. There will also be an early fee for those who show up before the movie begins, and a late fee for those who show up after it begins.

Standing in line for the bus this morning. Wool cap on my head. I scratch my head for maybe 2 seconds. Guy in line behind me mutters something - I didn’t catch much of it - about how I shouldn’t be scratching my head. :dubious:

Tom Brokaw is a pretentious twit, who thinks New Years is the most overated party night of the year.

I heard this on the way in to work today and thought “Is this guy for real?”

Good for you Tom, you got to party in the Amazons and hang out with Meryl Streep back in 1980. La-Ti-Fucking-Da!!

If Maggie doesn’t stop ripping up my carpet, I’m going to have no choice but to get her declawed.

The repellent type stuff has no effect.


My mother in law phoned me earlier this evening to ask what was happening for Christmas. Her short term memory is pretty much non existent and she hasn’t really acknowledged how bad it is. But tonight when she realised that Christmas had come and gone and she had no recollection of it, I could tell she was devastated. We had left all the Christmas stuff around her apartment thinking it would cheer her up until hubby goes back on Friday. Turns out because she had forgotten Christmas already happened, the decorations only served to increase her anticipation.

It really is something to watch someone gradually lose their memory. Even while I’m watching it happen it is still so hard to believe someone could forget what you just said only moments before. It’s so sad.

I’m sorry kbear. :frowning:

My poor doggie. She is terrified of fireworks, and NYE and Fourth of July are a special kind of hell for her (and us). I got a thundershirt for her, but it didn’t help. I had to give her a pill. :frowning:


I went to 3 different stores, and no one had eggnog. This annoys me, because I really like eggnog. Also, I’ve found that taking pills with eggnog is easier than anything you could imagine.

Yes, I know it’s a seasonal drink, but it’s only 6 days past Christmas. It can’t ALL have disappeared all ready.

I went to the supermarket yesterday and they had zero mandarin oranges in the store (except tiny little ones - I didn’t want those). I loves me some mandarin oranges - I’ve been eating one or two a day for a month now - I’m going to go into withdrawal!

We had to listen to Gus van Zant (yes, the director) completely fuck up singing “Moon River” this evening. It was the only off-note to an otherwise good concert that included Beethoven’s 9th. Stick to your day job, Gus.

I understand what you’re going through, kbear, as I am dealing with the same with my Mom. It’s so difficult to see someone who raised you now essentially become the child. I wish you luck and strength.

Child o’ mine: I’m ecstatic that you’re out hooting it up with your friends rather than hanging out here with me; however, I really do not want to wake up to a living room full of still drunk on the way to hungover girls as you said may happen. If that does happen, you may expect me to use every pot and pan, loudly, to make breakfast.

Make sure you make LOTS of really runny eggs! :smiley:

I wanted to go out but the roads are shitty and icy, and I don’t want to deal with that AND the amateur drunks out tonight. Anyway, I am broke from Christmas. And my fucking period had to start, so i am tired and achy all over.

Why does New Years Have to be at such a shitty time of year? Can’t e fix it so that most of the world will have decent weather at the New year? Fuck it all.

My nose is stopped up. I can’t taste anything. This makes me sad!

Had to work today so I skipped the festivities, made myself some homemade sauce and sketti, and hit the sack early…then woke up halfway through the night with ghodawful stomach [del]craps[/del]cramps. My innards are playing Twister, and the spinner is in my head. “Lower intestine-red! Upper intestine-blue! Face-green! You lose!!”

Good grief, what’d you put in that pasta sauce?

vodka, apparently…

We’re getting a huge snowstorm tomorrow. Five to nine inches at latest count. Brr!

Weather in Melbourne OZ today: sunny 61ºF, humidity 79%, precip 10%

We Jews go for September or October on the New Year’s gig. Warmer weather, better food and much more civilized.