Happy New Bitchfest!

kbear, I’m so sorry.

I have a cold and my throat is on fire. But I don’t have any cough drops. (And there’s no lemon juice or lemons, so not hot tea with lemon.)

Just my $0.02: if you have any children’s liquid ibuprofen that numbs and soothes the throad since its an anti-inflammatory. observe the recommended dose.

Hey, can one of our Kitteh Krusaders* start a Cat Advice/Rant thread?
A high percentage of the cat posts in the Dec. Mini-Rants thread were more “Cat Commiserations” or “Handy Hints” than Rantings. Like:

*But you are my heroes. The cat rescuers as well as the cat co-habitors. When the saucers land, you’ll be our diplomats, since you’ve been communicating with alien intelligences for years.

And I’m sad on your behalf. :frowning: But not too sad to point out that this is your opportunity to eat something that you don’t like the taste of! :slight_smile:

You know, if there’s something you don’t like the taste of, but you want to eat it anyway, sort of thing…

Okay, let’s just be sad until your sinuses clear. :frowning:

Peel and slice some onions. Spread them in a cookie sheet (the kind you could use as a jelly roll pan, not the kind with no lip), sprinkle with generous amounts of white sugar, and put them in an oven at about 250F for maybe 45 minutes. They will make a soothing syrup such as my parents used to make for us kids during cold season.

Hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a hangover today because I’m the designated Dad. Driving around a bunch of drunken punks. Wear their hair all funny, and their “music”! Just a bunch of noise, you ask me…

The mini-rants threads do tend to turn into MMP for Cranky People at times. :slight_smile:

A very tiny, tiny rant - my sister commanded that one of the gamesters has to work early tomorrow, so games day today SHALL begin at 1:00 pm at the latest! Today I get the email - “We were out late, so games day will start around 2, 2:30.” Sheesh. But I’m ready to go now!

Probably. After all, coats might be concealing contraband refreshments purchased at sane prices.

There are a lot of reasons I prefer to wait for the DVD and watch a movie at home, but cost at theaters is high on the list.

Stomach went nuclear shortly before Christmas, so I’ve been on clear liquids whilst all around me drink and eat seasonal delectables, most purchased or prepared by me. Finally get into the doctor yesterday morning, blood work shows H. pylori. After confirming my allergy to penicillin, they call over a prescription for the standard treatment, which includes amoxicillin, also known as that antibiotic that those with a penicillin allergy can’t take. Doctor’s office is of course closed today, so more delay.

On the upside, I’ve lost 7 pounds over the holidays. Yay me.

My sympathies to you, and to the folks you probably unintentionally infected. :frowning:

Want to borrow my grandma’s walker? She was all cranky today and kept trying to wave it about. You could stomp it against the floor while complaining about youth nowadays.

The past few days I’ve been working with a complete asshole. He’s paranoid that everyone is out to get him and he has his own special procedures to document how he spends every minute of his day to be prepared for some grand confrontation about his poor performance. It stops him from getting work done in a timely manner and if he just worked moderately hard and just dropped his bullshit he would not need to cover his ass. He insists I also need to waste half the day doing the same thing.

Everyone else I’ve worked with so far has been cool and said I’ll have no problem fitting in at the company and working on my own. They have all recommended that I should cruise through the day at a comfortable pace, expect to work 13-14 hours each day, say yes when they ask me to work a bonus, and take frequent breaks to avoid burnout.

I can’t help but think they paired me with this guy as an example of what not to do.

Workplace griping is down the hall, bub.

Oh, but Regal Cinema gives you a rewards card free of charge! You get a point for every dollar you spend. If you get 150 points you can get a free small popcorn. So if I spend 150 I can get .25 worth of popcorn for free?! Wow, sign me up! :rolleyes:

Why are you asking me to do this thing that you know you will go back and re-do because my way is not good enough? (Which is exactly what you did.) Why are you setting an expectation for the kids that you know they will be rude about not complying with, and then let them get away with being rude, and then reward them by changing your mind and not enforcing your expectation? Lastly, I asked you to do something very simple for me (that means nothing to you and a lot to me) and then you pointedly do exactly what I asked you not to do.

Pet peeve tri-fecta. Plus swallowing my anger, so yay.

That sucks. The last time I needed antibiotics (strep throat), the doctor didn’t seem to believe me that I was allergic to amoxicillin. I sort of understood, because I guess they get a lot of people thinking that every digestive side effect, which is pretty common with antibiotics, is an allergy. Only when I explained that I got hives all over did she write for something else, which needed to be double-dosed because it was non-standard. Then the pharmacist gave me a hard time because apparently azithromycin comes in pre-packaged Z-packs of 6 pills and she’d never seen a doctor write for 11 before. So then I had to explain it all to her again. I’ve had less trouble filling for Percocet.

You might want to have a ‘Come to Jesus’ talk with the MD about the wrong script. Little things like that could do wonders to their malpractice insurance…

My sister left to go back to Arizona today. I already miss her so very much. I hate that she lives so far. It isn’t even that far, but it’s too far to see her more than twice a year.

We could use some of that in Northern California (Sacramento Area). We are in a drought. Folsom Lake is down to 22% capacity. Same time last year, it was at 67%. It’s always low this time of year, but Holy Hell!. All the local resevoirs are signifigantly down.

I would just once like to have a FB conversation with my daughter that didn’t degenerate into a pissing match. Just once.