Happy rummage sale finds

Life on Wry oh, suuuure, taunt me with an estate sale. The weekend I’m driving down to Floriday with the kiddies and inlaws . What do you think I’d rather be doing: standing in sweltering heat on hot cement or rummaging through somebodies life time collection of TV guides, shower rods and pot holders?


Can I type “Ebay” loud enough? There’s real money out there, and they’ll buy anything for more than you’d expect. I’ve sold items that I actually felt bad that they went for so much $. Bidding wars are beautiful!

Sorry for the hijack.

Actually, I think the hijack here was mine initially. I’m an eBay power seller, so I know all about eBay. But the house I am cleaning out is 2500 square feet, it’s FULL, and it goes on the market July 1, at which point it must be empty. Unless I rent a warehouse, there’s no way I can get all this stuff listed. Besides which, much of what’s there is not easily shippable. However, I did load up a couple boxes of readily salable (and easily shippable) items to hawk on eBay.

Not quite yard sale- after the yard sale is great, too. It pays to check out front lawns on Saturday evening. I just got a table (ugly but I’ll repaint it), a couch, some shelves, and a comfy folding chair for free.

Our other couch was free, too. Whee!