Your last eBay purchase?

Not your most recent BID, or your current item FOR SALE.

What is your last eBay PURCHASE? Bonus questions: Why did you buy it, and what kind of deal did you get?

I’m now the proud owner of the DVD "CalTiki: The Immortal Monster". I’ve mentioned this particular creature feature in other posts. Up until now, it’s only been a childhood memory of having the jeebus scared outta me. And, yeah, at $15 out the door, it was a bargain.

I think it was an Ani Defranco CD. Got a “fair” deal, in that I paid about the going rate.

If you want dirt, I’ll post about my adventures “ebaying while drinking”! Not pretty…

I just paid for a pair of jeans.

Schracht table loom. I think I got a pretty good deal. I just finished a 5 week weaving course and am ready to warp up!

This kickass Sigur Rós poster.

Last purchase was a Linksys WRT54g router - on which I intend to install dd-wrt (alternative Linux firmware) - so I can use it as a wireless bridge for my daughter’s iMac.

Last sale was a bag of sea glass I collected on the beach this summer.

A dresser for my daughter. She has needed a better one for some time and I was looking for a good one on Craiglist and Ebay. I came across one from a seller on Ebay that was only 10 miles from me.

I won the auction for $71. It is a solid wood dresser that is going to last her a very very long time. She has a lot more space for her clothes and she really likes it. It also fits perfect with her other bedroom furniture.

We picked it up Monday night.

Huntsman plus swiss army knife.

My old swiss army knife was getting pretty worn down. I bought it off ebay because this particular model isn’t really sold it stores. It has just about everything you might want except pliers. Hell it even has a pen.

I got it at less then half retail.

A record. Just an old 78 record, Victor foreign label, pre-1920, nothing special about it–at least, that’s all its description said. Some religious music or something like that, look at the picture.

True enough description. It is religious or something like that, recorded in the Vatican in 1904, a trio sung by three soloists, followed by a chorus. “Laudamus Te”, it’s called, from the Mass of Saint Bonaventura. It’s all right there in the picture.

Deal? No deal, it was pure robbery. It was the kind of find that makes you feel all dirty when you hand over your measly $15 maiden bid and keep your lips tightly sealed until the box arrives.
It’s what wasn’t said that made all the difference. There are three soloists–a baritone, tenor, and soprano–but this is the Sistine Chapel choir–this is 1904–who’s singing soprano? Why, it’s none other than the Angel of Rome, Alessandro Moreschi, the last surgical castrato and the only one to have ever made records. They only turn up rarely and usually sell for ten times what I paid. And this isn’t even a purely choral one–he’s one of the soloists in “Laudamus Te”. The seller needed only to add one keyword, but apparently couldn’t be bothered. Bully for me.

A poker work lamp base. I bought it because I liked it but because of the bargain price I got it for, I’ll probably onsell it.

A fetal doppler so we can listen to our little one’s heartbeat before he/she makes an appearance in April :slight_smile:

I bought an original 1979 Danbury sink for my 79 Danbury conversion VW campervan. My old sink had been broken by the previous owner and due to the awkward size and rarity of this item it took me ages to track it down.

I paid £23 including postage, I would have paid a lot more if needed be as a fully functional and original design interior adds at least £500 to the value of the van.

A game worn hockey jersey. Except it wasn’t; it was a replica. Once I cooled down after I opened the box, I e-mailed the seller, explained the first two reasons this wasn’t a game worn jersey (#1. It has no fight strap. #2 It is much too small for goalie pads to fit under.) and requested my money back. He tried to say he hadn’t claimed it as a gamer (liar) but agreed to refund my money.

sigh I really wanted that jersey.

I’ve never made an eBay purchase. Last thing my husband bought, and this was years ago, was supposed to be a heat exchanger for our sailboat engine. What we got was a pair of jackstands. The seller wouldn’t respond to our attempts to straighten it all out, but we had the charge removed from our VISA, so that worked.

And we wound up having to get a heat exchanger from someone else. Then we sold the boat. And we quit shopping on eBay.

There were four, all related.

  • iPod Touch, brand new. Worked out to C$396 shipped after conversion. Add $36 on top of that for UPS’ [del]gang rape[/del] brokerage fee and duty. Still better than the $512 inclusive I would have had to shell out to buy it domestically. I bought it because my inner geek told me I would die if I didn’t.
  • ShieldZone invisibleSHIELD for iPod Touch. $20 shipped. Arrived yesterday – as an iPhone shield. Seller is currently rectifying that problem.
  • Generic leather case for iPod Touch. $12 shipped. Just bought this temporarily 'til I have money to buy the case I really want.
  • iTone alarm clock/stereo/speaker dock for iPod. $35 shipped. Got this for MindWife since she has now inherited my iPod Video and wanted something for the bedroom. All of these last three were bought for obvious reasons.

An old gas station ashtray; clear glass with the logo on the bottom. It says

            CITIES SERVICE
      Phone 76       We Deliver
          West Leipsic, Ohio

(Cities Service may be better known to you as CITGO.)

I have a bunch of these around the house…ashtrays from service stations showing the logos that were used when I was a kid. They were all purchased from eBay, back before they changed their interface in a manner I found annoying and quit going to their website. Don’t remember what I paid for any of them, but I never paid more than any of them were worth to me…generally around $2-$5 each. They’re inexpensive trinkets that make me smile.

I bought a new parrot cage. My last parrot was given away for me while I was in the hospital (I was going to be away from the house for at least 3 months and there was no one to care for her.)

I have been thinking seriously about getting another. I even went and checked out an African Grey.

So in preparation I am starting to get supplies. I may not get one, but I can afford the cage and even if I don’t now, I may get one a few years from now.

A mint set of 32 Crayola crayons from 1969. They are in a clear plastic case, they were only available for about 4 years. Crayola discontinued the plastic case because they could break and have sharp pieces that could cause injuries. They even have the factory price on them, 75 cents. I paid $28.

I got a rare book on orchids for the Sheckstress. Before that (by about a day) was a part for a batch freezer. I keep finding good industrial supplies online.

My buddy, though, is the king. Commercial margarita machine (or slurpees): $20, needed paddles at $30. The price of the machine new: $400. He also got a workbench for $40.

I just won a copy of The Orange Box this past weekend. Total with S&H came out to $40 even. Price in store is $59.99 plus tax, so yeah, I think I got a good deal.