Happy Schadenfreude for Mr. 18330-424

Life peer Mr. Conrad Black goes to jail.

Now I don’t know this guy from Adam, but I love this story.

"Before his six-and-a-half year sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice last year, multi-millionaire Black and his wife, journalist Barbara Amiel, had led what jurors heard described as a lifestyle of almost unbelievable excess. "


"Mr Bower said: "I predict he will have major problems adjusting to the idea that other people can tell him what to do.

The important thing about Conrad Black is that he has never felt that he needed to obey the rules. One of the reasons he stole so much money was that he genuinely felt the rules did not apply to him."

Excuse me as I cackle maniacally and thoroughly enjoy myself over this.

I wonder what would be the best prison job for him? I think he should start by spooning out gruel in the food line. And lap dancing for smokes, i can see that.

Handwashing the underthings of the anally incontinent, perhaps?

The headline in today’s Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in the city, was, “Lord 18330-424”. :smiley:

This is a guy who was a media tycoon, Canada’s Rupert Murdoch, until he bought the Telegraph in the UK and discovered he could get knighted. Okay, I’ll move to the UK, become a Life Peer, and sit in the – ooh – House of Lords! Minor detail: Canada does not let citizens get foreign peerships. No big deal; I’ll give up my Canadian citizenship, the place is just a few acres of snow and doesn’t mean that much to me anyways. Okay, fine, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But what’s this? I’m in trouble in the States? Better go back to Canada where I’ll be safe! Sorry, bub, we’re not letting you back in. It’s off to jail with you.

My opinion of Barbara Amiel went way down when I found out she was dating this jerk.

I’m sure casdave and Bear_Nenno will be along shortly to tell us that in prison, that’s a significant privilege. :slight_smile:

This guy spent millions that weren’t his. Let him clean the latrines.