HAPPY ST CRONAPRAVA'S DAY! Are you a dwarf? Or would you like to be one?

Today is the Feast Day of St Cronaprava, the apocryphal patron saint of dwarves.

Are you a Dwarf?
Are you an Apocryphal Dwarf?
Are you merely a Cheesed-Off Garden Gnome?
Or do you just hate people who look down on you?

Then St Cronaprava is the Saint for you!

St Cronaprava was recent stricten from official Vatican lists—which means she has cut her overhead on Miracles, bringing you low, low prices!

Post your petitions to St Cronaprava here!
Please include your Height, Length Of Beard, & Size Of Axe.
If you must away, ere break of day, to find your long-forgotten gold, please leave a forwarding address.

Call St Cronaprava today!