Happy St Georges Day!

It is today isn’t it? Or are we farting around with it again like last year?
Anyways, who’s got the dragons and the beer?


Yes it is today.

Happy St. George’s Day everyone, time to get down the pub for a pint of Spitfire! :smiley:

And properly flagged by Google, although only on the U.K. website.

i will be down the local toasting the ol’ dragon-slayer and singing Jerusalem at the top of my voice by the end of the night :smiley:

Please, won’t someone think of the dragons. I’m sure they must be a protected endangered species.
Have a fun day. :slight_smile:

I’ll start the singing now:

The mountain air is clear as wine
And the scent of pines
Is carried on the breeze of twilight
With the sound of bells.
And in the slumber of tree and stone
Captured in her dream
The city that sits solitary
And in its midst is a wall.

Jerusalem, City of Gold
City of Brass, City of Light,
For every song plucked from your strings
I am the harp.

(Stanza translation from Zemerl, chorus translation is my own.)

nah boss - the William Blake jobby.

And did those feet in ancient times,
Walk upon England’s mountains green?

etc. :smiley:

Why are you pretending that anyone in england actually gives a rats ass about St George’s day.

Leave the praising of mythologised characters to Christmas and Easter.

I’ll be celebrating! it’s my brothers (stevoberserker ) birthday today. we’re off for big pints tonight.

although aside from that, I couldn’t care less about St George. Dragons rule though.

Mate, its not about the Scale-hunter really, its just a nice excuse to get a wee bit patriotic and have a good drink with your mates.

Do you object to the Irish celebrating St Paddy’s day too? It’s the same thing.

I don’t object to the Irish celebrating St Patricks, I just think that us “mainlanders” are above all that nonsense.

Anyway, a recent survey says that most English peoples patriotism is to the Union Flag first.

Although a worrying 3% of Brits said it was for the EU flag.

Anyway - enjoy your night.

Anyway - twice in about 3 sentences.
I need a thesaurus!

I don’t object to the Irish celebrating St Patricks, I just think that us “mainlanders” are above all that nonsense…QUOTE]
“mainlanders”…? :confused:

Still I reckon you lot might as well use any excuse for a party. :slight_smile:

We need excuses to go out drinking now? who knew…?

1/2 hour to go before I can get right into my other full time job of destroying my liver. :smiley:

Oh dear - it seems he is also the patron saint of syphilis. Oh, well, if you can’t be good, be careful! :slight_smile:

I sang some of that for my students last week (I was teaching a Blake poem). They looked at me strangely. :wink:

Wonderful song though (I might be American but I am English at heart)… :smiley:

And also Herpes if i remember rightly.

Makes sense i suppose. He was a soldier, and we all know what kind of things bored soldiers get up to… :wink: