Happy St. Nicholas's Day!

Dec. 6

Happy Independence Day for you Finns out there.

Happy Constitution Day for Spaniards.

And Happy Quito Day to Ecuadoreans.

La franchise ne consiste pas à dire tout ce que l’on pense, mais à penser tout ce que l’on dit.
H. de Livry

Same back to you!

For those of you into that good old time religion, note that the last Winter Solstice of the 1900’s (Dec. 22) will feature a full moon.


GOD: Not only winter solstice and full moon, but also lunar perigee. All at once for the first time since 1866.

And my former boss had her first baby this morning! Amanda Marie 8 lbs, 18 inches. Looks like her daddy.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name too.
Wait, no it isn’t.

TennnnieeeHAHipp: I hope Sinte Claes brings you every toy you ever wishtfer!

My first wish? Literacy for all!

And Happy Birthday to me!

(Hey it is MPSIMS, right?)

Happy St. Nicky day to you too!

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas