Happy Star Wars Day!

May the fourth…

Make fun of speech impediment day. Nice.

Two years ago, Sperry came out with appropriate footwear; I got a pair.

I’ve already talked to two people who didn’t know what Star Wars Day was all about. It’s been around for years.

Thince when did Daffy Duck become part of the Thtar Warth univerthe? He’th Duck Dodgerth in the 24½th Thentury.

I have to work today. May the forth go where the sun don’t shine.

My name is Dork Vader and I endorse this thread.
May the Forth Be With You

paid for by nobody, part of the campaign for nothing, no creatures living or dead, real or fictional were harmed or in anyway impacted in the making of this post, to the best of the producers knowledge

That’th the latht time I work with thomeone with a thpeech impediment!

^ You’re… dethpicable!

Luckily, Star Wars day is followed by Whiskey day.

Just a reminder that the secondary Star Wars day that you can jump on last minute in case you forgot to do something on May 4 (or if you are more of a Darth) is “Revenge Of The Sixth”.

Not, as some mistakenly assume, Revenge Of The Fifth, which is not a thing. That’s already reserved as Cinco de Mayo.

Thishhhhhhh meaannnnsshhhhhh… war.

Duck season.

I watched the film on Saturday. When Darth Vader mentions Obi-Wan, one of his lackeys says “Obi-Wan Kenobi? Surely he must be dead by now.” I so wanted Vader’s next line to be (everybody say it): He is not dead. And don’t call me Shirley.

We were making sandwiches on the boat, yesterday. Someone bumped the table and the Hellmans went over the rail. Disappeared into the murk.

I’m a May Fourth baby, and I still try to wear my “May The Fourth Be With You” shirt every year. Except this year, I was dressed in my Shabbat clothing on actual May 4, so instead I’m wearing it now for my birthday dinner tonight.

So “Cinco” is Spanish for “hold”? Never knew that before; thanks for fighting ignorance.


Bootiful day in the PNW and supposed to get into the upper 80s by Thursday. Too hot for this old Alaskan. But for now, it’s just gorgeous. Peonies are blooming and the roses are coming. Plus, I’m back to wearing shorts; always a pleasure to shed the winter clothing.

That’s Sinko Da Mayo.

^^ Homer Simpson: We have a great life here in Alaska, and we’re never going back to America again!