Happy Straylya Day Folks

It’s Straylya Day here downunder, and we’re doing it in style, I must say. I have my thongs on, I’ve donned a green t-shirt and yellow shorts, and I’m rooting for the Aussies in the One-Day Cricket whilst munching on some dimmies (home made of course) :smiley:

Apparently the day is commemorated for being the date of the landing of the First Fleet from the UK, but those of us in the know reckon it’s just an excuse to buy more beer and lamb-chops for the barbie.


I celebrated with a parma, although in the Northern suburbs tradition it was made of tofu.

Fuck it, I’m moving to Zimbabwe if we’re gonna be doing tofu parmas.

That’s just wrong. :smiley:

Due to the fact that it’s still 39 outside at 8pm I made up a salad.

Only 39?

REAL Aussies only make a salad when it hits 42. :smiley:

I have had my first Australia Day as an Australian citizen. Go me.

I spent it at the State Library NSW studying, but still. We had lamb though. Tasty, tasty lamb.

Beers and the Triple J Hottest 100 at our place. Plus also more beer.

You’d need every beer. What a fucking dreary winner.

Oh god, I know. I think I’d need something stronger than beer to appreciate Angus & Julia Stoned. And so predictable!

I think The Vine got it right today.