Happy Australia Day, all.

Happy Australia Day, all.

Take the opportunity to do something uniquely Australian - like eating vegemite on toast, or spitting the dummy.


I intend to spit my dummy several times today - seeing as how I have to work :mad:

It’s un-Australian, I tell ya. I shoulda chucked a sickie.

It’s still only January 25th here…so, do I wait until tomorrow, the 26th, to celebrate along? Because by that time every Australian in the world will be hung over since it’ll be the 27th over there…

ok, my brain hurts now…

All right, this is spooky.

I’m not Australian. My only exposure to Australia has been visiting for ten days last November, during which I discovered that I am one of the very few non-Australians who likes Vegemite.

I got up this morning not even knowing (or caring) what day it was, except that it’s Wednesday.

I had a quesadilla with Vegemite for breakfast. And that’s not something I have for breakfast very often :eek:

I’ve just spent the afternoon at the Australia Day fair at Berrima in the Southern Highlands. Lots of music, stalls, food, families with picnics etc. Perfect weather too - sunny with a gentle breeze and about 25 degrees. Now we’re back home getting ready to fire up the BBQ for dinner.

Happy Australia Day all.

Since I am now residing in the US I will dig out my supply of Vegemite and spread some. My American wife doesn’t like the stuff. Weird and just plain wrong. I also found Weetbix here, so they will get eaten as well.

But I would absolutely KILL for a few cans of Solo and some Tooheys Old

You mean you can’t get a Schooey of Black Old in Alabama? I’m shocked!

I didn’t do anything particularly Australian (other than enjoy the day off work). Not drinking beer at the moment, and I’m outta Vegemite until I pick up some more at the shop.

Enjoying the cricket, but.

I’ve been appreciating Australia a lot in the last two weeks because of the Australian Open. And the sportscasters’ attempts to eat Vegetime and other local dishes on air made for much comedy. So happy Australia Day!

Which we just won. :slight_smile:

My condolences :frowning:

I’ve been watching the cricket while listening to the Triple J Hottest 100. Am about to have a beer. Fantastic.

Happy Australia Day to all.

Yeah, do something like an Aussie today.

Sit around in your undies, because it’s over 100F in Melbourne today.
Take a dive into the pool with the kids, because it’s over 100F in Melbourne today.
Watch the cricket under the air conditioner (which we won), because it’s over 100F in Melbourne today.

I love it here.

Yeah it was a bit of a bludge for me too. I went down to the bottle-o in the thongs and stubbies and grabbed a slab of Coopers red for the esky. The missus had chucked an old doona over the hills hoist, so we fired up the barbie and sat in the shade with the grog watching the cricket. Great stuff.

The mozzies were a bastard, but.

Didja forget the Aerogard?

I had a bit of a slothfull day really. We went to the Australia day BBQ by the beach, had some sausages and eggs on toast and lazed in the heat for a while. The flies are pretty bad here this year so we didn’t last long. Luckily it was a windy overcast day so we didn’t end up to hot and sweaty. At some point I read the pledge and became a citizen. Then we lazed around a bit more and went home. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home and watching the cricket.

I went to the movies to watch a movie about Americans - Walk The Line and then watched the Cypriot win the tennis (Go Marcos). Listened to Triple J’s Hottest 100 like every Australia Day but like last year it was very ordinary - Bernard Fanning number 1 - yawn.

We did nothing, then my parents went to watch the fireworks by the river while I opted to stay home. They came back 10 minutes later saying we were too far from the city centre to see anything and it was really freaking cold besides. So then we just watched TV :slight_smile:

I spent the day inside avoiding the heat… Watched the tennis & cricket on TV. Very Australian.

The smell of smoke was thick in the air too in Melbourne (or at least in my bit of Melbourne) - from the King Lake fire, I think. Spare a thought for all the CFA volunteers and DSE workers who didn’t get a break on the public holiday and the 25 or so families who lost their homes on Australia day.

The storm in the evening was spectacular. Shame it didn’t drop the temperature.