Happy Thanksgiving to the 'Dope

A very healthy, hearty, and happy American Day of Thanksgiving to everyone.*

This is a great place; I thoroughly enjoy the virtual interaction with you all.

*If you’re not American and/or don’t celebrate the American Day of Thanksgiving, happy Thursday to ya!

Now, please pass the turkey. :smiley:

And to you. :slight_smile: Sorry, the tofurkey is all gone. Wait no. The turkey is all gone, there’s plenty of the tofurkey, edamame mushroom casserole and gluten-free dressing. Can I fix you a plate?

Back at ya. Yesterday I taught my 55 year old BIL how to carve a trurkey. We had two 28 pounders. Yep. They where huge. And another 20 or so pound one came off the grill. And two more turkey breasts.

41 people for Thanksgiving sit down dinner.

My Wife and I spent all morning helping BIL and SIL put their house back together and taking tables and chairs back to their church.

Quite the fest and feast.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

That sounds like fun, enipla. Reminds me of when I was in grad school and would host a bunch of my friends. I think the most we ever had was about 20, but stilll…

We had a small celebration yesterday, just 4 of us. Turkey breast in a crockpot and various fixin’s. Then board games and poker afterward. Fun!

Love them games myself. We often do sharades with a small group. We had a ping pong table to help burn off some of the butter.