Happy to Return

Okay I’m sure no one is going to remember me but I remember lots of you here so well. I haven’t been around for over two years - and I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I came back and starting reading again.
I moved to Israel for a bit then travelled around and then moved to Ireland and I guess I just didn’t have the chance to post for a while and forgot how entertaining/informative/just plain fun it was being around here.
So anyway for what it’s worth I’m glad to see a few familiar names and a load of new ones.

It’s brightened up my day already just lurking around seeing what people are thinking and talking about these days!:smiley:

Hello to ALL!!

Welcome back - you’ve missed your last 47 turns to bring donuts. So, where are they?


WHAT!! I’ve missed donuts?
I didn’t realise it had come to that…

see what happens when you aren’t looking…sheesh


You have also missed strip day. Every Tuesday all board members with user names begining with the letter r must strip.

Soooo drop 'em.

Sheesh, I was only gone about 12 hours.

But yes, yes, Happy has returned. Thanks for the announcement, though. :slight_smile: