Have I been gone too long?

My first post on the boards since November 2006. That’s over three years. Doubtful if most of the regulars from back then still remember me.

Somehow I fell out of the habit of reading the forums. Lately I’ve been reading the boards more often, but wasn’t sure if my long absence meant I couldn’t post again.

So, I’m trying now.

Let’s see what happens…

Hello. I am Covered in Bees! During your time here I will provide you with sweet cheesecake pictures*, talk about Dr Pepper, and other such irreverences.

*Even if you’re into guys.

I remember you. :slight_smile:

I’ve just recently started posting again after being away for a couple-few years. Wandered back one day, realized it was free to post again, and well–here we are.

So Hi!

I remember, even if you don’t remember me.

I remember you as well, because I always liked the spelling of your name. Welcome back!

Who could forget a name from The Neverending Story?

Welcome back.

Of course we remember you. Welcome back.

Not only do I remember you, I thought you were still here, probably due to the large amount of zombie threads that have been appearing recently.

Dude (I assume you are a dude), since free posting came along there’s been TONS of former lurkers, who got their free month way back when, hung around and lurked for years, and started posting again when it became free. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’ve only been here a year but your name looks familiar to me. Maybe it’s the Neverending Story connection, though.

In any case, welcome back!

Welcome back!

No, you’re good to go - the board went to free posting in mid-2008. Welcome back, Atreyu!

I remember you! Where’s that money I loaned you?

Welcome back. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

I first signed up when I read the Wally memorial thread as it happened in, what 1999? I’d lurked for a while before that.

I stopped posting when it became pay to play, but I still lurked.

When it reverted back to free, I started posting again.

If they welcomed me back, I’d expect them to throw you a parade.

I remember you! You owe me a beer!

Wait. When was your last post again (checks my join date)


I remember you, too. Welcome back!

I remember you. I don’t think I count as a regular, but, hey, it’s something, right?

I remember you as well.

I had taken a 2 year hiatus – just came back about a year ago (which reminds me, I think my subscription is almost up).

Luckily, the board managed to exist without me. But it must have been hell.

Welcome home.