Is anyone else just back after a long hiatus?

Mostly just a test thread. Feels good to be back

What do you mean by back? Have you been lurking? Really away? Off the grid? May I ask those questions? Why have you decided to come back? Do you think much has changed? Are you OK? Welcome back, I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you brought a note from your mom !

Its been 5-6 years since I’ve been an active lurker and semi-active poster. My hangouts were GD, CS, and occasionally the pit (that might have been before politics was broken out of GD).
Since then I’ve only popped in a few times, maybe asked a few GQs. My SDMB addiction turned into a Twitter addiction. Now, with the bird app in flux, I’m checkin in with the old haunt.
Not that anyone ever noticed that i was gone - I had about 1000 posts in a 10 year span (and had lurked for a few years before signing up.

Welcome back!

From Epstiens mom.:wink:

Welcome back. Will all your posts now be under 280 characters?

Im back after I dont know, close to 10 years. Unfamiliar with Discourse and miss the old format so much

I’ll try to figure this out. Im only on a phone which probably doesn’t help…

Same, re: phone. It’s great to see some old names I recognize, though. I never had much of a presense, despite the SDMB being such a huge part of my ‘formative’ years (30ish-45ish). Here is where i began to live an examined life. Where I could ask (now cringy) GD questions in good faith and have someone knowledgeable and patient explain why equality was worth fighting for. Usually someone else would ask/respond with something i was about to post, so i could stay in the background. The way I liked (still do). In the early Trump era, GD (…err, politics) became less fun. And the streaming era ruined a lot of what I loved about CS (having a week to obsess over a particular episode of television). Anyway, much love to The Dope, the mods, OPs (even THOSE OPs :slight_smile: ). I guess I’ll see if one can go home again. Y’all probably wont see me much either way, but I’ll be here (maybe)

Considering it

This ain’t a democracy, but count me as someone who’d be happy to see you posting again.

Our omnibus thread for missing members:

Who’s missing that you really want to see on the Board?

Thanks much.
We shall see what we shall see.