2023 SDMB Lurkers Roll Call

To all us quiet audience members who are here to mostly read, here’s a spot to say hello.

I’ve been here since 2006, bookmark set to “Latest Posts,” visit daily.

From the Edmonton, Alberta area, and I’m thankful for all the regulars here who contribute to the positivity we value on the board.

Hey, I wanna read this thread.

Umm? Are the lurkers generally not punctual about unlurking to check in?

Checking in, a la Beck…

::opens door::


::slams door::

Hi,fun idea! I have been lurking almost daily for many years (20 maybe??). I recently piped in on a couple of posts and now here I am again. I might not say much in here, but I really do appreciate the regular posters, as well!

I haven’t posted since 2015, and have been lurking without signing in since then (until just now obviously). I check in pretty much daily. In particular, I like coming here to read what people have to say about events in the news - it helps me think through my own opinions. Overall I’ve “observed” the SDMB for about 20 years.

used to be a lurker (starting last century but lots of on-off periods) … and IIRC due to the russian war in ukraine became more involved …

still a 98:02 lurker - but really grateful for many of the thoughtful posts of the regulars and non-regulars.

Sad we are somewhat of a dying breed (boards that is), but oddly enough (even though nobody really knows me here) - I have this feeling we grew old together over the past quarter of a century

Guess I’m more of a lurker than a contributor these days. :Hi: :poof:

I’m much more of a lurker than a contributor. I contribute a little and it’s mostly on fun threads, not serious ones. And I contribute because it saves me from what I really should be doing. Hey, at least I feed the cats and take the garbage out.


I think I’m betwixt and between. I comment now and again but mainly just read. I’ve been around for…well…a while.

I’ve been around since the turn of the century, and used to post a lot more than I do now. Kinda dropped off when the site switched to the new platform.

The system says I’ve (mainly) lurked since 2005, but it’s actually a bit longer since I started using a variant of this name. Seems like visiting old friends.

I am a dedicated lurker and have spent many, many very enjoyable hours listening in on the conversations here. I rarely post because by the time I’ve gotten to read through any thread anything I might add has already been contributed. But I’m here almost daily at least for a bit. Don’t know how long I’ve been a member but it seems like at least 15 years.

I’m not a lurker at all.
But for nearly 2 years before I ever posted I lurked and read.
I had a friend here on the Dope I asked a lot of questions of. (@dropzone )

He was sick of my questioning and
convinced me to dive in. I nearly drowned.

Lurkerism intrigues me. I like to see who and why people do it.

For me, it has a lot to do with time available. Also despite appearing otherwise, introvert.

I’m not really sure why I am a lurker. I find the site and it’s conversations very interesting, but I kind of freeze up when it comes to participating. In real life, I’m a bit shy at first, but very chatty when I am comfortable with someone.

BTW…you are definitely someone I keep up with here. I love your stories, but as a fellow T1D, I am so sorry for all the issues you have been having. Hang in there!

(dusts self off)
Anybody home?

I haven’t posted in a few years, life got in the way. My old account disappeared, so I got a new one (hope that’s OK.) For now I’m just gonna lurk until I have something interesting to say.

Welcome back

Discourse can’t have spaces in the name. It automatically changed your name to Lucky_13 (note the underscore) during the move from vBulletin.

If you have trouble regaining access to your old account, send me an email at EngineerCompGeek@gmail.com

Unlurking would require that I remember my password…
Hey, that worked! Hello from Toronto, Canada.