Lurkers, show yourselves!

I have been a regular visitor to the SDMB for many moons, months of Sundays, donkeys’ years, and other synonyms. I very rarely post but I come here almost daily, and even subscribe to a few favorite threads. There are many posters that I see here that are fixtures, or at least post regularly.

I’m starting this thread to see how many other lurkers there are out there that regularly visit this site but rarely or never start threads or contribute posts. This is your chance to come out of the shadows. Come on, raise your hands and give us a shout. If you like, tell us where you’re from and/or anything you’d like us to know about you. I am a 58 year old man and live in Rhode Island.

Your turn.

I am a 69 year old woman from Oregon. I’ve been lurking for a loooong time. I visit the site every day and read most posts.

So, 41 views and 1 reply. I guess a thread devoted to lurkers should maintain a high view::read ratio.

Hi, @verbenarose !

65 year old man from Copenhagen, Denmark here. I guess that 2.2k topics viewed, 255 posts created, qualify me as a lurker :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I’m not a lurker anymore, but I was for a long time. I switched from reading the column in the Chicago Reader to online in 2004 which, of course led to the discovery of the message board, in short order. But I didn’t become a member until 2016. So, 12ish years of lurking. Not sure what took so long…

63 year old American. When I see “Copenhagen” I think of the snuff. High school in a rural area, I was in the minority not chewing Copenhagen.

Evil Genius any chance?

It’s hard to bring out a lurker.

I rarely post but am a regular reader. Remember reading the column as a freshman in college in 2001.

Yeah, weird. We should know each other.

I remember there was a thread like this a very long time ago. One early response was a poster who posted:

"Up periscope.



It was the person’s first and only post and they’d been a member for like 6 years. Can’t seem to find the thread.

This thread would do better if a user’s post count was still displayed next to a post like on the old board.

I’m an (almost) 40 year old man, also from Oregon. I read the Dope daily but average maybe one post every 3 weeks. Not quite as lurk-y as some, but certainly not a regular poster even though I’ve been registered and posting (infrequently) since 2007.


::steps back into the shadows::

I started reading the board sometime in ‘99 and I registered in the spring of 2000. I never posted all that frequently but I stopped entirely when the board went Pay to Post. Since then, and even after the board opened up again, I mostly just read the forums… especially GQ, Cafe Society, and MPSIMS. There are a few topics that draw me out now and then, but clearly not that often.

66 year old guy, lurking since 2005 or a bit before. (Hence the name…) Maybe 100 posts.

I feel like I belong here and am at home, in spite of having no relationships with other posters. You folks make me think even when it’s uncomfortable. ( Remember Bricker?)


What prompts someone to lurk and not post? How can you resist when there is so much ignorance to be fought?

Then there are people like me you can’t shut up.

69 year-old woman in Southern California. I read the board every day and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate all your posts!

Lurked for maybe 6 months
Joined late October 2006
First post September 2008
14 Topics
120 Posts.

Thousands of hours of gained knowledge, insights, changed opinions, laughs, tears, top notch commentary.

Everybody, thank you so much for everything you’ve contributed during the existence of this community.

It looks like you may be right. Thanks to all the lurkers that did respond though. It’s good to know you’re out there!

@Newtosite, I recognize your name.

Personally I feel that my own ignorance is the stuff of legend and I will learn more by sitting back and reading a discussion than trying to put my $0.02 in as I almost invariably will prove my ignorance.

I’ve started a thread that led to a poster getting banned. I also started a thread that led to a pitting of a popular poster and she had a total flameout, never to return. I feel bad about both those instances and have made a commitment never to post anything remotely controversial. That may be an easy out, but I don’t want to be responsible for someone leaving or getting the jackboot treatment.

About the only subject I feel supremely confident in posting about is proper coffee preparation. :slight_smile: