Wow. I've been here for 10 years.

It just occurred to me as I glanced at my Join Date. A decade as an active member on the Dope. I can’t describe how much I’ve learned and changed, in so many different ways, from the very real people who contribute here.

Thanks everyone. Here’s to the next 10…

Me too; 10-02-2001

I kind of feel bad I’ve never been ‘Pitted’ for something. I lurk more than I post… especially in hostile threads. I love it here though. I think some people know who I am, and know I *try *to be a good member. People are so kind when I need advice. I love getting mail from SDMB’s, and if my mail box is empty, I try to find threads I can post in.

Noob. :wink:

Edit: Time does pass very quickly here. Been lurking here for more than a decade.

Congratulations y’all. I’d been lurking longer than my join date, but I’ll celebrate 10 years next year and think that’s pretty cool for us all.

Sometimes I try to explain something I saw on the boards and I end up having to explain the “internet friends” thing and I surprised myself when I told my close friends “I’ve known them longer than I’ve known you!”

I’ve dropped to guest status so my date doesn’t show, but it’s Sept. 2000.

I really can’t believe I’ve been here that long and stayed somewhat anonymous! :slight_smile:

FWIW, I recognize all your user names. After 10 years, even semi-lurkers (such as myself) become familiar.

You’re all noobs. :smiley:

You think you’re a semi-lurker? My join date is about a month before yours, but you have 5x the posts I do!

Word. :cool:

Well, is my Join Date location ever red. :smack:

And I recognize all the names here. My post count is 2174. In ten years…

Been here continuously & longer than all except admins or former admin.

My # is 33

Unfortunately I am still in need of education… ::: sigh ::::

I came over with the old AOL board members.

Would it helpl if you weren’t Invisible?

Semi-poster? I feel I lurk more often than I post. Shit, some of the folks here have post counts in the tens of thousands.

All you '99ers can suck it! :wink:



I wasn’t invisible for the first 9 years here.

Stupid '99ers. :mad:

And this thread made me think, hey, me too!

Me three?

Edit: rats, a few months more!

I may not be a 99er, but at least I have a four-digit member number. :smiley:

One more month…