Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?

How are you in yoga pants?


There are many types of attraction. Meet my friend Johnny LA!

Una’s long gone.

As is Opalcat. Hard to imagine anyone missing that one, but I guess it could happen.

@Polycarp - Passed away.

@Una_Persson - No longer participates.

@Zenster - Banned.

@Handy - Banned.

@Scylla - No longer participates.

@matt_mcl - No longer participates (I think just that).

@OpalCat - Passed away.

@TubaDiva - Passed away.

@Johnny_L.A - No longer in L.A. :wink:.

[Checks pulse]


Ah. :man_facepalming:

Well, I mean, good, and everything, of course.

But is that @Bryan_Ekers posting, or the cat, posting as Bryan? In these days of identity theft, one can’t be too careful.

Bryan needs a blue check

That will be $8, please.

Bumping this thread to happily announce that Nava is back!

Hey, that’s good news! Welcome back, @Nava.

Welcome back Nava!


That is good news.

It also appears that Stranger_On_A_Train is back.

Whatever happened to @Senegoid?

I noticed the very prolific @TriPolar hasn’t posted at all in November. Weird for a multiple times a day poster.

@Poysyn has been gone for a long time.