So... what's new?

It appears that I haven’t been around here for, oh, 9 1/2 years. And even then I think it was probably just a brief wave hello. (Really sorry to the two people who sent me private messages in March 2009 – I promise I wasn’t ignoring you, I just had no idea!) I don’t know how much time I’ll still have to post and read, but after seeing something on Facebook, TubaDiva said I should pop back in, and I always listened to her, so here I am (for the half dozen or so of you who remember me from way back when :D)!

I’m new(ish)! Well, I guess that’s more of a who than what but maybe it works. Maybe I’ve seen you in a zombie thread somewhere.

Helloooooo! I can’t seem to be rid of this place, even though I remain a low-level contributor who nobody pays attention to.

The SDMB is as busy as ever, and still goes over the same ground on occasion, but there are surprisingly still a lot of new subjects to argue about each day. I don’t know how we manage it.

Here’s a thread you may want to drop into, though.

Hey, man! Welcome back!

Gosh, anything new in the last 9 1/2 years? Don’t even get me fucking started…

I’ve been away from here but not from social media, so I know there is PLENTY to argue about each and every day!

Wow, I definitely recognize some of those names. :frowning:

Thanks! And yeah, that’s a LOOONG time! It’s really even longer than that when I consider that the time I dropped in 9 1/2 years ago, I don’t think I did much more than just drop in! Judging from the PM I got, I must’ve at least participated a little bit in some Survivor discussion, but I don’t know if there was anything else!

The funny thing for me is that I rarely posted here in MPSIMS when I was active, but I didn’t think coming back would really be a “Great Debate.”

You DO know Cecil hit the bricks, right?

And Santa Claus is a myth.:frowning:

Hey, welcome back, David B!

I know that the bricks hit Cecil! :frowning:


Thanks, NP!

Yep. Apparently my whole childhood was a series of well timed lies. I am still dealing with the heartbreak of it all.:wink:

I hope you’re recovering OK.

Dude, you’re never gonna believe who’s president.

You be super-smart, Dude. TubaDiva knows what’s up; what direction it is pointed, and how sharp it is. Always listen to her and you won’t regret it.

That’s not new, is it?

Beckdawrek joined and nobody’s gotten a word in edgewise since.


I hear it’s some guy I was writing about when he was on The Apprentice! But that would be ridiculous! :dubious:

Welcome back!