So ... I'm back

[Mods: Bearing in mind that I’ve been essentially away for the past two years, I looked through ATMB and the MPSIMS stickies for any new rules about this sort of post/thread. If I missed anything, I know you’ll let me know:)]

Hi there, folks. 's me, your punha. (Nobody tried to replace me while I was gone, right?)

At least a handful of you probably know who I am. ::waves:: Hiya. The rest of you … well, tossing out a handful of old-school references would be sorta like name-dropping; it’d tell you what you needed to know, but it’d also kinda rub it in yer faces that I’m older than you are (take those last five words and put them in an annoying sing-songy voice and I think you’ll see where I was going with that).

So anyway. For those wondering why I’m back, the answer is at once easy and anything but. I found myself, minutes ago, with a shiny new e-mail in my inbox. The text said that I had a one-year subscription to the SDMB.

Now, this would have made perfect sense to me had I gone and gotten one. Evidently some lovely soul has removed from me the onus of doing so. I don’t know who, and until I find out, I ain’t sayin’ another word about it. (As I mentioned in my journal, which at least a few of you read, not everyone wants public thanks or … anything at all … for doing stuff for other people. Being such a person, I have desire not the first to bring any discomfort to whoever did this.)

Beyond that, … um … ::waves again:: I’m kinda just a touch lost around here, what with having been, y’know, gone for the past two years. The plan to read the board at least once or twice a week faded like you would not even believe, replaced by other things. (Those of you who remember me from my “YOU SPELLED A WORD WRONG IN YOUR POST, AND I AM HERE TO TELL YOU!” days will no doubt be … happy … to know that I now co-mod a livejournal grammar community and head up copy editing efforts at three student media publications.)

So what’s new with you? I mean, I could talk about myself for the next thousand words, but Anita Vacation (HAH! I still remember the [sub]incredibly simple[/sub] coding!) told me a few years ago that anything beyond two screens is more than she’s willing to read, and I imagine those of you who don’t know/remember me probably don’t care quite as much about this as a very few of you might. Plus, talking about myself for a thousand words is effectively a job interview or explaining a thing or two to my girlfriend’s parents, and ain’t none of you employing me or (oh, I so dearly hope) in her family tree.

::waves for the third time::

You were gone? :confused:


punha’s back!!!

As a welcome back gesture, lets everybody run thru the thread nekkid!!!

runs through the thread nekkid

Welcome back.

stops back in to wave

Hi! You prob’ly don’t remember me. I was a little newbie when you were here before. Now I’m a loud mouthed oldbie that nobody remembers. checks post count Damn. Maybe I should take a sabbatical as well…Nah!

Welcome back! :smiley:

Hey! Wait a moment! Where is the naked thread running in the OP?


Welcome back!

This’ll get long fast if I respond to everyone. (I remember my mother trying to do it–respond to everyone–once, and she gave up after about 20 posters. I lack her endurance.) So. A preemptive fourth wave to those of you I don’t end up quoting:) (I’m practicing to be a beauty queen. Anyone have a tiara I might borrow for a few?)

Course’n I remember you. You’re the one with the kid, right?

[sub]And the glares in 3 … 2 … 1 … [sub]

And son of a … crap, this ain’t the Pit.

Clearly I need to remember to preview more often. First coding error two bloody posts in.

Hey, yep, this guy is a wonderful Doper. Good to have you back here. I’ll vouch for your decency and intelligence. As to finding the same community when you left: different, more dispersed, you’ll find a lot of the known names gone from back in the day, but still a very knowledgeable bunch. Still, too, the usual Pit overhauling of who’s pissed at who in undercurrents: don’t start there, head to Great Debates, or MPSIMS for a more lighthearted re-entry.

Good to see to back Punhee! Look forward to your words here.

Gorsh. (That would be Goofy, not a German appetizer.)

Holy crap. You’re serious? Hell, I felt so at home in the Pit for so long.

I still dunno how much time I will end up spending here. 's a coupla things on my to-do list, and I should have a better alibi than “I was on dope” if I get caught not doing them:D

[sub]Of course, then I crashed and burned because of all the obnoxious posts and topics in the Pit, but I preferred the ability to roast people there to the smile-and-disagree requirement in GD.[/sub]

Mais oui.

Wait, what’s that? You haven’t seen pictures of her since she was a wee thing in the hospital and you’re just dying to see how big she’s grown? Voila! The Cutest Baby In The World, at your service. :smiley:

Hey Pun. Good to see you back.

Shut the door, godammit! You’re letting all the A/C out!

And I didn’t even have to say it in subscript text (assuming I remembered to close the kcuffing tag).

::looks at the piktars::

[Steve Irwin]

Look at the size of that thing! Aye, she’s a real beaut…

[/Steve Irwin]

::assumes the above “code” won’t actually summon Steve Irwin, in which case he apologizes to life itself for committing such a horrific act.::

One of the reasons I joined the boards! Welcome back!

How’s Fizz?

I remember you! Welcome back and stuff.

Yeah, I tried to forget you, but it didn’t work!

Welcome back!

:: waves ::

I still have you in my sig, baby! :smiley: