My turn on the Mundane Merry-go-Round.

I never did ‘introduce’ myself or anything of the sort when I first joined, but having just re-subscribed, I figured it’s never too late.

I’ve been reading the Straight Dope since 2003, after being turned onto it by a friend. I was too chicken to pony-up for a subscription and ‘join in’ for a long time after that, and even after I did, I wasn’t particularly active.

I started to feel better contributing, but my subscription expired and I was experiencing some financial difficulty, and not being one to beg from others, waited until I could afford it to resubscribe.

At any rate, I really enjoy the board, even though I do a lot more reading than participating. It keeps me awake at work (I have a night-shift job in a hospital lab) when nights are slow, and I’d be hard-pressed to find this type of community with its broad range of completely different opinions on all kinds of issues anywhere else.

As for me, I’m 26, which means I’m just a young’un in the general scope of things, but I’ve been through a lot, and reading some of the posts about other people’s hardships here has helped me put things in perspective on more than one occasion, so I’m rather grateful for that.

I was a theater major in college, but never graduated. I work as a lab assistant now, but I’d really like to teach English somewhere, someday. I’m female, but I’d rather play cards or videogames with the guys than go out shopping. I’m an avid console gamer, and music is my one true love. CSI is my favorite television show, probably ever.

I love reading Pit threads, it’s a silly voyeuristic pastime of mine.

Nice to ‘officially’ make your acquaintance on the boards.

You’re going to need a separate email address just for marriage proposals now. :wink:

Very nice to make your acquaintance as well. We’re glad to have you.

No kiddin’. I’m reading this and thinking the same thing.

She’s 26. I’m 26.

She likes video games. I like video games.

She works the night shift at a hospital. I work the night shift at a hospital.

She’s a lab rat. I’m a lab rat.

She loves Pit threads. I love Pit threads.

I am so online stalking you from now on. :smiley:

Apologies for the double post, but just so I don’t freak you out, what I meant by this was explained in this post, and thenthis one.

I’m always surprised by how many members with expiring subscriptions never ask to be sponsored. SDMBer’s appear to be a proud bunch of web lurkers.

Oh and just to pile-on with my newest online crush. I just noticed something else. I’ve been to three corners of Australia, traveled the eastern coast of Japan, traveled all over the US, have been to Europe twice (UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Beligium, and The Netherlands), Canada a couple of times and Mexico once.

But without a doubt my favorite place to escape to in this world is to Vermont. Your location.

:smack: I should have anticipated that.

Glad to be here, though I debate changing my locks. :smiley:

(I hate the overuse of smileys, but sometimes nothing conveys underlying amusement like a good dorky smiley.)

No worries in the least. I’m not easily freaked out (oh, hell, I’m encouraging it now, aren’t I? :D).

I never feel right asking for handouts, though I know you folk are generous about helping people resubscribe. At least I could still read the boards while I had my little time-out.

I won’t say exactly where I work, but it’s painfully easy to figure it out, given my location. Oh, the stories I have about this place. Especially the one about my co-worker trying to marry me off to her nephew that lives in Kosovo. And speaks no English, only Albanian! Oi. I love my lab job, even if the place drives me to drink.

I’m terribly jealous of your traveling experience. I’ve not been many places, but the two I would most like to visit are Japan and England. I live with my sister and her fiance, and he’s Japanese, so we’re subjected to a lot of culturally Japanese stuff in my house. Hell, half the fridge is full of containers I can only half-read.

I have a borderline-unhealthy affair with Asian music. European, too, but predominantly Asian. Everything from Tsunku’s latest teenybopper bubblegum group to the kings of Korean ballad, and everything in between.

Part of the reason I started visiting the dope in the first place was because it’s so difficult finding other people with my interests. I’m definitely not the ‘cruise the bars or go clubbing on Friday night’ recreational type. For one, I’m at work when everyone else is getting their Mojo on, and secondly, that’s prime gaming time, damnit! No, I can’t go out, I have a date with my PS2!

Luckily, dopers are definitely a nifty bunch.

Nice to meet ya. :smiley:

It’s all fun and games until the merry go-round breaks down.

Say, while you’re here, I know of this guy who likes videogames a lot and is also huge into Japanese culture, Asian music, and Bruce Campbell. He has about 3000 posts, and while his location says ‘Orlando’ at the moment, he actually resides in Boston. He’s about 23 years old, and is super attractive. His name rhymes with hydrolysis. Maybe I can introduce him to you sometime?

gives BBS2K the stink eye, then whistles innocently

Thanks, Autolycus. Work was grueling last night, and the latter part of your post gave me a chuckle.

I must admit, I fail at anything resembling physical attractiveness, but I make up for it in sarcasm and foul humor. I wonder what that counts for.

Considering the replies so far, I wonder if this means I should stay far away from Boston. Either that or head down there and pit you two at each other, Gladiator-style. :smiley:

I must admit, the prospect of being able to mention Kuwata Keisuke or Sakamoto Kyu and actually have someone know what I’m talking about appeals to my inner music nerd.

And if either of you play MegaTen games, I may need to re-evaluate my physical location.

And then I’ll beat the crap out of the winner.


Boys, back off. She’s a squiddie now. You can have her after the suction marks wear away.

Color me amused. Especially considering your user name.

I appear to have started some MA-wide cattle call.

I’m originally from Connecticut, though now I’m in Vermont. Too bad I didn’t stop halfway.

I’m googling bodyguard services and mace, as we speak.

There’s no escape from the squid!

(The duck’s really easy though, just ask him if his quack echoes. And you can duck the Jello by turning to your right over there.)

Welcome to the boards!

Welcome, welcome, Leah M! Don’t worry about the squid or anything; those are just vicious unfounded rumours. We have a welcoming buffet out on the terrace; would you please come this way?

If you ever want to get away from those loons on the East Coast, you can always visit, oh, I dunno, Toronto. :slight_smile:

(I have visited Vermont, and found it extremely beautiful.)

Back off guys, I saw her first!

It goes by post count. And Canadians are not eligible.

So, are we gonna do the thing with the goat or not? He’s getting pretty feisty, snortin’ and a fussin’ somethin’ fierce.

Yep, it definitely goes by post count! And robots are not eligible :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, sorry about your luck dude.

:looks at post count: