Dear God, it IS addictive!

I’ve been posting on and off all day. It’s now almost 2:00 am. My six-year-old will be up in four hours, yet I haven’t been able to turn off the computer. I just keep skipping around the forums and hitting “refresh.” So much to read; so much to reply to!

OK, I swear I’m turning off the computer now. It’s only a few hours 'til morning, I can wait that long. And when I wake up, there will be more stuff to read!

Maybe I’ll come up with a good sig line in my sleep. :smiley:


Tell me about it. I keep telling myself that I’ll check just one more forum before bed. Just one more…

Bwa-hahahahaha! You have fallen for our little trap! Your lives are now ours!

Don’t worry; it wears off. I used to think I was “addicted” to the boards, but then I realized that I can quit any time I want. :smiley:

Excuse me, is this the room for Doper’s Anonymous?

I have to laugh- I sign on a post regularly, but I remember when I first found this board. I was totally obsessed. I mean, such a huge, cool group of people! Such wit and humor! Such knowledge!

It’ll wear off in a few years. Don’t forget to bathe.


Hello. I’m ChiefScott and I’m a recovering Dope-aholic…

Hi, Chief Scott!

Just wait until you try to explain your addiction to one of THEM.

“Ya see there’s this internet message board that’s affiliated with this weekly newspaper column called The Straight Dope written by this guy we’re pretty sure exists in one form or another. Anyhow this board started off over on AOL then migrated over to the internet. I regularly spend hours a day on this board meeting, fighting, and flirting with some great people. They will sometimes post factual questions that will get a few views and sometimes a relavant response or two. Then there are the poop threads…”

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Typical day of mine.
Get off work.
Turn on computer.
Go to message board.
Ignore other forms of life til I find a dull thread.
Check email.
Go back to message board.
Check other email accounts.
Go back to message board.
Update journal or read others journals.
Eat while reading message board.
Boyfriend/Husband gets mad at me for being online so long.
Spend time with Boyfriend and talk about the SDMB.

Now i must get off. My nephews have asked for breakfast 2 times so far. I’m getting to it.

Lives? What mean this word “lives”?


Then they all laugh it off and you bring it up AGAIN 5 minutes later. And then again and again . . .One trick I’ve learned is instead of saying “Some guy on the Straightdope said” is tell it like it really happened in the real world. Your only going to make the story hard for yourself if it’s your 7th Straightdope reference in an hour. Real world eye-rolls are worse then those damn smilies.

Just wait till you tell your friends you can’t go with them because you have to go to a dinner with a bunch of people you met on the internet whom you’ve never seen before. And then tell em “Yeah, it’s that Straightdope thing again”.

Man it’s rough. But I won’t hide it anymore. I’m not ashamed. And I’m not addicted. I just. . .I just. . .need one more post and I’ll go back to work.

DaLovin’ Dj

Just wait until you start bringing the SDMB into your real life…

  • (After witnessing a heated discussion) “Come on guys, take it to the Pit!”

  • “I’ve had good luck with this car, YMMV”

  • “Hrmmph, Newbie” (Said disdainfully while standing in line behind someone having trouble with the ATM)

Talking to my mother recently:

L.I.: I’m going to Frankenmuth in November.
Mom : Who with?
L.I.: Some of the girls on the boards.
Mom : Do they have names?
L.I.: Bunnygirl came up with the idea. I know Jarbaby and
Persephone are supposed to come. Arden Ranger had to
cancel though…
Mom : Do you know any real names?
L.I.: I will…
Mom : And your going to Frankenmuth with these people? They
could be trouble.
L.I.: Not any more than me mom.

Yes, it’s taken over my life.:slight_smile:

I know them, some IRL. Your mom doesn’t know the half of it. :eek:

Never tell your mom about the dope. Hell, never tell your mom about hanging out with friends who use dope. Say it’s a bible study or something.

Dalovin’ Dj

Yeah, do that. Then she’ll think you joined a cult. That’s what moms do.

“So mom, I’m going to a DopeFest in Ohio. Some guy is picking me up and driving me out there. He’s from Kentucky. From my boards.”

It never ends. Ever. This is my third DopeFest. She’s even met some of you people.

Of course, when speaking of things from the boards, I try to use the band-camp voice. “This one time, on StraightDope…”

My husband and Green Bean’s husband met once. They hit it off really well. Something about The Widowers of The Straight Dope Club they were going to start.

But I’ve got me son hooked. That’s right, I’m doping with my children. And I have told real life people to “take it to The Pit.” I’ve told someone who was speaking off-topic “That’s a different thread in a whole 'nother forum.”